Reading & Watching Wednesday

It’s a rather busy week here – catching up from being away last week, still in the midst of the school hols, and there just always seems to be something demanding my attention.  Will is away camping for the night with two friends, and I’d planned to spend a lazy afternoon in the garden reading, but it didn’t pan out that way, sadly.

Never mind, maybe tomorrow ….



I’m reading this book this week, following a group of school friends from their teenage years through to middle-age.  It’s all a bit angst-ridden and depressing for me, and I’m looking forward to getting to the end.



Haven’t been watching very much on TV at all, but I did watch this at the weekend, a one-off BBC drama which I Sky plussed back in Februrary, and have only just got around to!  It was really quite good, and Ashley ended up watching it with me and enjoying it as well.  It’s about a London girl from quite a deprived background joining the army, and starred Lacey Turner from Eastenders, who was excellent as the lead.  Well worth watching – available on DVD.

Have you read or watched anything good lately?



4 thoughts on “Reading & Watching Wednesday

  1. Read a really good book which I had the good fortune to be allowed to read by Love Reading it was a “mystery” book so had no idea of who wrote it. Well it was excellent just loved it and laughed out loud just found out it wad written by Catherine Alliott and called My Husband Next Door. I have also been reading non fiction travel books by Ben Hatch travelling in a small car with two under fours. Very funny

    • I’ve read a few of Catherine Alliott’s books and enjoyed them – her writing reminds me a bit of Jilly Cooper’s books. The Ben Hatch books sound good.

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