ShoeLaLa – The Bargain Issue!

Photo 27-06-2013 14 56 36

I’ve been looking for a pair of metallic ballet flats to replace a recently fallen apart pair, and last week I saw a pair on the Clarks website, reduced from over £40 to £17.  Clarks do free home delivery as well, so I quickly ordered them, pleased with my bargain.

Before they arrived, however, I came upon this pair of Clarks ballet flats in my favourite Dr Barnardo’s charity shop, hardly worn, for the princely sum of just £1.99!

Photo 23-07-2013 14 08 07

Obviously, I couldn’t resist such a bargain, and I snapped them up immediately.  The pair I ordered from the Clarks website were duly returned from whence they came as soon as they arrived – I’d much rather pay £1.99 than £17!

Photo 23-07-2013 14 15 58

They’re really comfy as well!

Another pair of shoes that had an outing recently is this pair of black heels, also originally from Clarks, and also a recentish purchase from a charity shop.


These were slightly more expensive, at £6.50, but as they were brand new, I didn’t mind paying a bit more.  They, too, are super-comfy.

A lot of people are funny about buying second-hand shoes, but I don’t have a problem with it, as long as they’re not smelly, and they are in fairly good condition.  What do you think?


12 thoughts on “ShoeLaLa – The Bargain Issue!

  1. I just couldn´t wear second hand shoes unless I knew the person they came from. A tip when buying Clarks go to Quidco first and get some cashback from their site. I also couldn´t wear the heels I would be flat on my face especially walking on the roads here in Spain.

    • Yep, those roads and pavements in Spain are rather hazardous, aren’t they? I don’t even bother taking a pair of heels when I go over there to my parents’ place – it’s flats all the way!

  2. I’m not sure whether it’s poorly timed visits, a lower class of charity shop or just purely lack of bargain hunting technique but I never get anywhere near the level of finds you do! #humph

    • I think a lot of it is luck, but I do go charity shopping at least once a week, and I know which local ones I’m more likely to find a bargain in, and which to avoid!

  3. I don’t have a problem with buying 2nd hand shoes. I got some really unusual high sandals from one charity shop and I only paid £2.50 for them. Bargain

  4. I have loads of pairs of second hand shoes, both from charity shops and hand me downs from a friend who has been known to buy new shoes, ask me to run them in for her as my feet are that bit bigger and then let me keep them. I had my eye on a pair of her new slightly too big ballet flats the other day, they will be mine before too long.

  5. I love your bargains, you did well!
    I’m always happy with any shoes that come my way, more often than not they come from ebay – I have had a few little “mistakes” like my most recent purchase – a pair of silver glitter shoes which I didn’t realise had 5 inch heels! They are gorgeous but I can’t move in them!

  6. Nice finds, Caroline – especially those ballet flats, they look lovely on. I have no problem at all with second-hand shoes (provided they’re in reasonable nick) but have such awkward shaped feet I’d be unlikely to find anything to fit me in a charity shop or at a boot sale – more’s the pity!

  7. Great shoe scores Caroline. Like Elizabeth I’d have no qualms about buying second hand shoes if they were in good condition but have awful bunions and so have to buy the softest shoes I can find (usually Clarks) otherwise I’m in agony.

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