Bigger Isn’t Always Better!



Having had my first generation iPad for a few years, I’ve found over the last year or so that I’ve been using it less and less, and my iPhone more and more.

The main reason for this was the weight issue – those old original iPads weigh almost a kilo, and with an already bulging handbag, I just didn’t want to carry it around with me unless absolutely necessary.

So I decided to change it for a new iPad Mini, which I’ve now had for a couple of weeks, and I absolutely love it.  It’s so small and light, and only about half the weight of the previous one.  The screen is a much more user-friendly size for reading /watching videos than the iPhone, and best of all, I can Skype from it as well (the original iPad didn’t have a camera).

Happily, I was able to sell my old iPad on eBay for just under £200, which went a long way towards the purchase of the new one.  I don’t doubt I’ll be getting far more use out of the new one.


3 thoughts on “Bigger Isn’t Always Better!

  1. I’ve just inherited an iPad – don’t think it’s first generation as I’m pretty sure it has a camera. I think I’ll get used to it before thinking of a mini one. I thought maybe watching videos on a mini one would be a bit difficult, although definitely much better than watching on an iphone – I tried that and wished I had had a magnifying glass!

  2. I have a 9 inch android tablet and it is quite heavy, I use it in the house a lot and love it but I intended to take it everywhere, I do carry large handbags but sometimes it is not practical,so most of the time it sits in a drawer, like the colour of your mini, bigger isn’t always better x Dawn

  3. I love my iPad! I treated myself to a 3rd generation iPad last year as an upgrade from my 1st generation one, and now find I use it as an almost total replacement for my laptop. I’m sitting in bed typing on it now, using a bluetooth keyboard. It is much faster than the old one with a clearer screen, and that seems to kick the usability up a notch. Having said how much I love my iPad, I do agree that it is just that bit too bulky to carry around (iPad 3 is lighter, but not by that much). Can’t justify adding an iPad Mini to my collection, though, and I find I manage ok with my phone while I’m out and about. I do take my Kindle if I know I’m going to want to do a lot of reading.

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