Holiday Packing Post #3

Only five days to go now …. am getting excited!

First up today, three holiday essentials: sun tan lotion, aftersun, and mossie repellent.



I don’t have a favoured brand when it comes to sun tan lotion – as long as it’s got the right SPF and isn’t too gloopy, I’ll go with whichever is the best deal at the time.  I think the price of sun tan lotion has come down dramatically over the last few years, seems so much cheaper to me now. 

Anyway, this is Superdrug own brand, and I always buy one bottle of high, one medium and one low.  New each year, because as we all know, the protection deteriorates over time.



When it comes to aftersun, this is my absolute favourite, and I haven’t bought a different brand for years.  Soothing and moisturising, smells lovely, and not too expensive – perfect!



If there is a mosquito around, it will bite me.  This is a picture of my legs on holiday in Greece in 2008.



Suffice to say, I don’t bother with any insect repellent you can buy in Boots, I buy the really strong, minimum 55% Deet stuff you can get on the internet.  It’s more expensive, but not as expensive as the doctor’s bill was for anti-histamine injections to sort the above out!

I also take a bottle of the Apivita basil and geranium spray pictured as well (which I can only get from Greece on the internet), which smells fab, is apparently a natural insect repellent, and soothes any bites you do get better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

Moving on, one of the most important things I take on holiday is my reading matter.  This has been revolutionised somewhat this year by my new Kindle, which I only use occasionally at home, but will come into its own abroad.  I had a bit of a downloading frenzy over the weekend, and this is what I chose.

hol books


I couldn’t resist a couple of ‘real’ books as well, so I chose these  two from my bookshelf.

hols books2


This time next week, I will hopefully be on my sunbed by the pool, deep in one of these and with a refreshing drink to hand!



5 thoughts on “Holiday Packing Post #3

  1. First of all books – I have read Revenge of the Tides and whilst not as good as In the Darkest Corner is still enjoyable. If you can get citronella locally either in a shower gel or as a liquid that really helps. Re the basil and geranium. I made up a little plastic bottle of water with citronella and basil leaves which I spray on in the evening and I haven´t had a single bite this year. I can remember having a similar reaction in Greece as you so perhaps the mossies are more aggresive there than Spain.

  2. Oh, those poor bitten legs!

    Hope you have a wonderful trip. Don’t forget to pack the recharger for Kindle, and a zipper-seal plastic bag that Kindle will fit in…you know, in case you want to read IN the pool or tub! 🙂

  3. I have read 3 of those and they were good…. the ‘what the nanny saw’ and ‘the sea change’ (which took a while but I liked it in the end) and also the Elizabeth Haynes which I agree was not as good as her others.
    I have bought a mosquito band after being bitten already 3 days into our fortnight here – but nothing compares to that suffering….. how did you not just scratch your legs to smithereens?

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