My House

A while ago, somebody (can’t remember who, so sorry) asked to see more pictures of my house, and as I took some only this week for the estate agents’ details prior to putting it on the market, now is the ideal opportunity to share some more with you.















16 thoughts on “My House

  1. OK so not a single book can be seen. WHERE are you hiding them? I didn’t know you were planning on moving…. how is the house hunting going?

  2. It looks like something out of a magazine! Lovely, but where’s all your stuff? Stuff like books and crochet. I shouldn’t think the house will stay on the market for long, good luck.

  3. Lovely home!
    Where on earth have you hidden all your stuff? Is there a cellar or a massive loft? Or have you had a huge clear out?

  4. The Barn look amazing, love lots about it, love the exterior, the hot tub looks fab, I love the wood burning stove and your artwork , I love the breakfast nook, the green is such a cheery colour. I like the mosaic tiles in the bathroom, a stunning home Caroline xx

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