Charity Shop Bargains

I know how much you all like to see my second hand finds, and as I didn’t make the car boot sale last Sunday after a late-ish night on Saturday, I thought I’d show you some of this week’s spoils from my mid-week Barnardo’s charity shop visit.  I’ve mentioned before that it’s my favourite charity shop as all clothes and shoes are priced at £1.99.  I am so well known by the staff now that they always offer me a sneak peek of new stock in the storeroom which hasn’t yet been put into the shop!

I rarely come home with less than at least one bagful, and these are some of today’s purchases:



Gorgeous evening dresses.  The one on the left is considerably nicer than my flash (it’s SOO dark today) has made it look in the pic.  It’s a Debenhams cocktail dress and has a stiff net underskirt.  Looks unworn.  The one on the right is a gorgeous dual gold/blue colour, strapless, and is an American brand that I hadn’t heard of before.

charityh2French Connection tunic top, and Windsmoor cotton knit cardigan.  The cardigan, despite being a ‘medium’, fits me perfectly, and I’m wearing it as I type this.  Really pleased with it.  The coat on the right is by a brand called ‘Sticky Fingers’ from their Signature range, which is sold in House of Fraser, I have discovered from a a bit of Googling.  It’s beautiful quality, fully lined, and would be perfect for a summer wedding or day at the races.



Orchid print kaftan, brand new with tags, and Ann Harvey shift dress.



Brand new, unworn, Kurt Geiger sequinned shoes.  For under £2!  Unbelievable.  Love ’em!

VERY satisfied with today’s shopping – my Barnardo’s trips are a highlight of my week!



7 thoughts on “Charity Shop Bargains

  1. love the shoes. Something makes me want to wear them and repeat again and again – there’s no place like home.. but they aren’t red?

  2. Wow, well done. I wish charity shops here would price more sensibly. Yesterday I was tempted by an Indigo shirt but decided I wouldn’t pay £5.00 for it. Then I ticked off the people in the museum book shop for their ridiculous prices. £6.00 for a Famous Five book, no dustwrapper, not a first edition, heavy foxing and the fep. missing. I wouldn’t have paid 20p at a boot sale for it. Oops, sorry, got on my hobby horse again. You look for clothes, I look for books.

  3. Wow another amazing haul, love those shoes how cute? I love the dress coat too, I agree with Barbara about pricing, some of the shops I have visited ask far too much for the items, they are donated after all, I know the money goes to good causes but I could not justify paying £6.99 for a top from a charity shop. Love seeing all of your bargains as usual x Dawn

  4. Wonderful bargains – wish one of my local charity shops would have such good stuff for £1.99 each. Love those shoes, the orchid-print kaftan and that lovely Windsmoor cardi – not surprised you decided to keep it.

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