In Case Of Emergency

Ever since I left my handbag in Sainsbury’s car park in a shopping trolley last month (dozy?  Me?  Noooooo!), I’ve been meaning to do this, and I’ve finally got around to it.

I was very lucky that the person who found my handbag was a kind and genuine member of the human race, and handed it in, so I got it back.  However, if the gods hadn’t been smiling upon me that day, not only would I have had to deal with the trauma of having my handbag stolen, I’d also have to rack (wrack?) my brains to figure out which cards were in it, which needed cancelling, what number to phone to do this for each card, etc etc.

Like most women, I imagine, my purse is stuffed full of cards – credit cards, loyalty cards, my library card, my RAC membership card – the list goes on.





So I went through all the cards in my purse, and made a document showing the card numbers and the phone numbers to ring in the event of your card being lost/stolen.  I found a very useful list here that helped a lot, but any missing ones were easy enough to Google.  I then saved a copy of the doc onto my hard drive, and another to  a folder in my Dropbox , called ‘Important Documents’.  I’ve only recently started using Dropbox, but I find it very useful, as I can access anything I save in it from my iPhone and iPad, as well as from any computer anywhere.  I’m planning to add some other bits and bobs to the Important Documents folder as well, such as scans of our passports and driving licences.


Hopefully I shan’t ever need it, but it took me less than an hour to set up, and will make life so much easier and less stressful in the unfortunate situation that I ever do get unlucky and have my handbag/purse stolen.

On a side note: Ashley and I were discussing what percentage of people who came across a handbag in a supermarket car park would hand it in.  I reckoned over 90%.  Ashley thought far less.  What do you reckon?


10 thoughts on “In Case Of Emergency

  1. What a fantastic idea, I am useless, with all this.. And worry everyday travelling on the tube that my bag will get ‘dipped’!… Definitely will use both of these. … Xx

  2. Such a sensible idea. Really need to get my act together on things like this.
    With the honesty percentage, I’d say the same as you – 90% + Hoping that’s not just wishful thinking!

  3. Brilliant idea. Like you say hope it’s never needed but it would save even more headaches in the event.
    I’m with you, I reckon most people would hand something stolen in.
    Lisa x

  4. Excellent idea! I really should do that. I’ve been using Dropbox for some time and find it very useful. And I agree with you, I think over 90% would hand it in. I’ve had my bag handed in more than once.

  5. I need to do this. Apt post – 10 days ago 12 year old ‘lost’ his Kindle Fire in Kings Cross Station. Found and handed in by a cleaner – returned to us (DHL fee paid by us) by lost luggage dept and we sent a voucher directly to the cleaner concerned as a thank you. 1 week ago here in York same 12 year old (grr) left book of 5 new books from Waterstones in local store here…realised about 5 minutes later – went back to store and they were gone – not handed in…….. Grrr.

  6. I am going to do this today ! I would hand a bag/purse in but I lost my bag full of essentail stuff years ago and never had it back, my Mum found a purse in M&S it was stuffed full of notes/cards etc she handed it in and her details were taken and she never even got a thank you call/text or note. my brothe in law lost his wallet and had it returned by post he had his address inside, the person who found it posted it back minus £20 as the person decided to self reward themself for returning it.

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