Friday 5: Reasons I Sometimes Want to Dig My Husband’s Eyes Out With A Spoon

Photo 26-05-2013 20 47 51


1.   Used pieces of dental floss on the bathroom floor.

2.  Piles of nail clippings on the bedside table.

3.   Manky cotton buds on top of the chest of drawers in the bedroom.

4.   Dirty socks hidden under the sofa cushions in the lounge.

5.   Empty Coke cans, coffee cups and wine glasses all over the house, everywhere, ALL the time.


Much as I love him, he’s got some foul habits.  I blame his mother.


9 thoughts on “Friday 5: Reasons I Sometimes Want to Dig My Husband’s Eyes Out With A Spoon

  1. LOVE the title! When mine was away last year I almost missed the dental floss on the floor/hanging out of the bin. Almost. The other one that drives me nuts, though not such a filthy habit, is he’s always switching lights on, doesn’t matter what time of day it is. And NEVER EVER turns them off x

  2. I’d forgotten some of my partner’s slightly annoying habits until he came home for two weeks leave. I’ve now remembered the splattering of shower gel ALL OVER the wall in the shower (and it’s a bit of a swine to get it off a plain painted wall), the placing of important documents in bags within bags and then in boxes which leads to panic, mayhem and general flinging around of boxes and bags until the looked-for item is finally located (or not, in some cases!!) Plus, yes, he’s another one who lights the place up like Blackpool illuminations even in daylight. I don’t half miss him now he’s gone back though.

  3. Can I also add inability to put new loo roll in holder properly – but ability to just balance it on empty loo roll cardboard. Or is that just in our house?

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