Reading & Watching Wednesday

Most unusually for me, I’m currently reading three books.



Firstly, I’m still ploughing through this, a little bit every day.  I’m about a third of the way through it now.  Some of it’s fascinating, a lot of it’s very dry.  I’m learning quite a lot.



I’m really enjoying this book – I just love Giles Coren’s acerbic wit, and find myself frequently laughing out loud.  Ashley came to see what I was making such a noise about yesterday evening!



I’m reviewing a pre-publication copy of this for Lovereading.  It’s a debut novel (psychological thriller) by a man, but written in the first person as a woman  – which usually sets alarms bells ringing for me.    But it’s actually quite gripping.  Reminds me a bit of Before I Go To Sleep.  I really hope the ending is going to live up to the rest of it.

Watching-wise – well, not much really.  Summer TV schedules seem to be well underway, with very little I want to watch.



One programme we do watch every single week is Casualty – we’ve watched it for YEARS, and it’s one of the only programmes that Ashley and I watch together.  However, I’m immensely bored with it over the last six months or so, and if it wasn’t for the fact that we watch it together, and it’s sort of a weekly tradition for us, I don’t think we’d be bothering with it any more.

Do you find yourself watching things out of some sort of misplaced loyalty to the programme, or because you don’t enjoy it any more but wish you did?  Or is that just me?



5 thoughts on “Reading & Watching Wednesday

  1. We watch Casualty too. I watched it at first by myself and then Hubby started to watch it too and now he is hooked. But I agree – it has become a bit blah since Dylan left I think….
    I told you what I am reading…. I have also got anther couple of the R&J picks sat here waiting for me……. Did you watch ‘The Fall’? It was quite good.
    The pre-publication novel sounds very interesting actually – will see how you grade it at the end 🙂

  2. Very interested in the Life of Amy Archer it does sound like my kind of book too.

    Regarding the book on Nelson Mandela, a wonderful man and an inspiration but is it now time to let him pass in peace or do we keep people alive for our own sakes rather than for them – perhaps an item for a blog? I knew with my father and my mother when it was time to say goodbye and let them go even though the doctor at the hospital wanted to try “one more operation”. Brings a lump in to my throat thinking about it even after so many years.

    TV – I gave up on Casualty what feels like a hundred years ago. I love Modern Family but this series feels like one too many and I am struggling to laugh. Loved The Fall but we have family with us and my son ruins “our programmes” with comments so are leaving our favourites until we can watch them “in peace!” However we did watch Remembered on Channel 4 last Sunday night a French series with sub titles about dead teenagers returning after a fatal coach crash. Excellent.

    • I was given the first series of Modern Family for Christmas on DVD and I have to say I don’t love it. Remembered sounds interesting – just googled it but can’t find anything.

  3. We have the Nelson Mandela book at home, and I keep thinking I should read it. Maybe I will put it in the pile beside my bed and I will get round to it eventually!
    I used to watch Casualty religiously but I realised about five or six years ago that I wasn’t enjoying it very much any more, so I have given it up! I have to say that I don’t miss it.

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