Out Of My Comfort Zone #2

I have spent nearly a whole day today teaching myself how to use iMovie to create and edit videos, and then making one.

I am not uncommon in that I really don’t like having my photo taken – no doubt you’ll have figured that out already, though, as it’s rare for me to post a pic of myself on here!  So the thought of videoing myself and putting it on the internet for all to see fills me, as you can imagine, with absolute horror.

However, I’ve recently started doing some website tests for a company which involve recording my (verbal) thoughts and experiences as I carry out the tests, and I’ve been really enjoying this (and received some positive feedback on my work, which is nice and has built my confidence a bit more).

So today, I am doing something I never thought I’d do, and without further ado, here is my first ever vlog (video blog).  Be gentle, people!


15 thoughts on “Out Of My Comfort Zone #2

  1. I think you literally must have been putting it together when I tried to play. Because when I came back to it bingo the play button had appeared. Interesting especially the raspberry body butter. I love body butters my favourite being a Boots exotic Indian number but also raspberries are my favourite fruit so may give it a try when back in the UK. I do think it was very brave of you to put this on, it did intrigue me but I would have no idea what to talk about.

  2. Lovely to see and hear you! Thought you were very natural and easy to listen to. Good flow of chat as well. Impressed you taught yourself to use iMovie so quickly, took me ages (+ much swearing) to get the hang of audio editing on GarageBand. Still not sure I’m doing it right!
    Will be looking out for that Tequila 🙂 x

  3. You look really nice, can’t think what you were worried about. Unfortunately I’m so deaf I couldn’t hear what you were saying! One hint: the swinging object in the top left corner distracts attention away from lovely you.

  4. You were great. I say ‘um’ and ‘so’, all the time when on camera. I cant stop it. PB says ‘right’. You are really natural to watch. Well done.

    I love your hair and OMG I would kill for your skin! beautiful. my skin blah

  5. I enjoyed your first vlog and look forward to more! It;s quite daunting going live, my daughter posts on Youtube and is really embarrassed about anyone who knows her seeing her talk…..but they’re really interesting to watch. I love Bodyshop body butters, wouldn’t have gone for the raspberry one but I’ll have to take a second look now.

  6. I’ve been out of town for a week, so I’m catching up on blogs today (back to work tomorrow). Coming to your Vlog was a pleasant surprise! You did great. Loved seeing you in action. 🙂

  7. I can’t wait to finally get round to watching this this evening! I keep seeing all the vlog stuff online and think about giving it a go.. was imovie etc easy?

    Victoria x

    • Yes, it was suprisingly simple. I watched a couple of YouTube tutorial vids, played around with it a bit myself, and that was it, really. Only took a few hours. I mean, obviously, I’m no power user yet(!), but it was easier to edit etc than I expected.

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