May Movies



Really enjoyed this Australian movie, based on a true story about an aboriginal girl group who went to Vietnam to entertain the troops during the war.  Lots of good music and a great storyline.  Definitely a girly movie, though – not one to watch with your other half!


I think this was meant to be edge of your seat scary and menacing, but I guessed the ‘twist’ quite early on, and to be honest, and it was so far-fetched that it just wasn’t at all believable.  It was quite entertaining, though, and kept me amused for a couple of hours.


I still can’t actually believe that I sacrificed a Saturday afternoon to take Will to the cinema to see this.  *Pats self on back for being such a good, selfless mother*.  It was actually better than I anticipated, though I can’t pretend I wasn’t glad when the end came.  Sci fi will just never be my thing at all.


Absolutely loved this film, based on a true story of one man’s courage and bravery in the face of the horrific genocide in Rwanda in the mid-90s.  An absolute must-see – terrific acting from all – and my movie of the month.


Hmmm. Didn’t live up to the hype for me.  Shocking enunciation by the vast majority of the male cast – I nearly had to put the subtitles on.  Ashley quite enjoyed it, but by the end, I felt they’d made a film out of something that wasn’t really worthy of a feature length movie, and I felt it was very padded out.  Disappointing.


We all watched this one Saturday night, and we all quite enjoyed it.  Watchable thriller, not a bad storyline, and the plot kept moving.  Entertaining.

Have you seen any good films lately?  I do love recommendations.


2 thoughts on “May Movies

  1. I accompanied Mr Decisive to see the new Star Trek film (*pats self on back for being such a good supportive wife*) and ended up quite enjoying it really. I haven’t seen any other films recently – we seem to have been watching TV dramas at the moment.

  2. I Love love loved star trek. I have seen it twice at the cinema! LOL I have also recently watch the film Paul, love that also. Hitch and love actually.

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