Sunday Car Booty

It was a bonanza buying morning – I nearly spent all my cash before I’d even got halfway round, so as I had four big bags full of stuff, I decided to come home early!



2 White Stuff dresses, brand new with tags, £5 each




Avon Glimmer set, brand new £1, Nike boy’s trainers £1, Per Una cardigan £2

dressPer Una dress £2, H&M Sundress £1


Moet Ice bucket 50p, Bagpuss pyjama case 50p, Decleor cleanser and toner £2.50, big wall clock £1 (and it works!)

3Sanctuary Spa giftset 50p, Orla Kiely candle set £1, Body shop giftset £1

threeOrange Tree giftset £1, L’Occitane Shampoo & Conditioner £2.50, Per Una cardigan £2

IMG_0192Laura Ashley linen trousers £1

IMG_0187Monsoon silk top £1, Per Una skirt £2

IMG_0193M&S Silver wedges 50p, Next brand new flatforms £2, Timberland boy’s boots £1


Both brand new with tags, Per Una dress and Principles dress, £3 each

Most optimistic seller spotted this morning: lady trying to flog a pair of used Clarks men’s sandals for £35, and explaining to the shocked looking chap who had asked the price ‘well, they were £40 when I bought them’!!


15 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. What an amazing amount you got today and for such great prices too.
    Love the candle set and all the clothes, apart from that pink cardi, looks a bit like a bed jacket!
    Enjoy your bank holiday.
    Lisa x

  2. Lots of good buys again. I love the Orla candles. The most optimistic buyer’s quote should become a staple of the Sunday Car Boot Sale posts IMO as it’s so funny!!!

  3. What a haul! great baragains, love the dresses and I love Decleor and L’Occiatane products, I have to go to find a decent boot sale the last few I went to have been full of junk!

  4. £35 for used Clarks sandals? Good grief! I took my middle daughter and her friend to sell stuff at a local car boot sale for the first time a couple of weeks ago (my first time, not hers – she has been before with my brother) and was amazed how well they did. Not at those prices though! We are going back again next week as they have another big haul to sell . They are fund raising to go back to Bulgaria to take aid to gypsy villages and have had lots of stuff donated. I did a bit of buying on my own behalf and can see how easy it would be to get the bug. My bargains were two pairs of jeans for £1 each. One Asda pair which fit perfectly, and one Levi’s pair (Levi’s! For £1!) which are just a bit too tight. Incentive to lose a few pounds, I think!

  5. Wow, the prices! people here charge so much more. I was looking at that very Per Una cardigan (the navy one) in M&S the other day, so it’s current stock. That lot was worth getting up early for.

  6. Hope you don’t mind me asking but do you intend to Ebay your recent finds? I would love to buy those candles from you! Well done on your lovely stash.

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