Frock It! At Cannes

It’s been a good long while since I’ve felt the need to do a Frock It post, but I’ve been motivated by looking at the celebrity fashion in Cannes this week (and wishing our weather was suitable for wearing something vaguely summery – it’s bloody freezing again and I’m wrapped up in a thick jumper today).

Anyway, French actress Marion Cotillard and English socialite/It girl/aspiring actress Lady Victoria Hervey both attended premiere of Blood Ties in Cannes early this week, and I absolutely loved the dress that Marion chose to wear.





Classy, elegant and just a little bit different from all the generic, samey dresses seen at premieres, and she obviously doesn’t feel the need so beloved of so many British celebs to cover herself in frightful orange fake tan, which is refreshing.

Lady Victoria, on the other hand, decided to wear this …



Obviously, she’s forgotten the old ‘legs OR cleavage’ rule, and decided to bare both, not to mention almost baring most of the rest of her as well.  And what are those THINGS on her feet?!!! I was amused to read that she was asked to move along by the organisers of the event, as she spent too much time hogging the red carpet, and make room for the stars of the film!!

In the interests of fairness, I should probably point out that the back of her dress was far nicer than the front …




Perhaps she had it on back to front?!  She doesn’t strike me as the sharpest tool in the box, so I guess it’s possible.


7 thoughts on “Frock It! At Cannes

  1. I read that about her being asked to ‘move along’ several times. Not classy at all… perhaps she was going for that stand on the red carpet just in case she wouldn’t grab enough headlines from showing her knickers at the right angle. I love the first dress but can never see those shades of yellow and blue together without thinking ‘Leeds Utd’ or ‘Ikea.’

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