Reading & Watching Wednesday


This week I’m reading this, which for a free Kindle book is well written, interesting and very entertaining.  And ticks the ‘Travel’ box nicely on my 2013 reading challenge list.

I’ve also just started this …


It’s a huge and rather off-putting breeze block of a book, but has been languishing unread in my bookcase for so long that I felt guilty for not reading it.  Again, it fits nicely into my 2013 reading challenge, under the History/Biography section.  It is also handily broken down into about 115 chapters, so I intend to read one or two chapters a day alongside whatever else I’m reading, as it’s not the sort of book that I think I can get through successfully in any other way!

I’ve also decided to join in with Vicki’s Richard & Judy Summer Book Club Challenge, over at Books, Biscuits & Tea, the idea of which is that we read all ten books between 1st June & 31st August.  These are the selections, and I’ll be tracking my progress over on my Reading Challenge page.


There hasn’t been much on the TV of late that I’ve wanted to watch, but I’ve just finished the boxset of this little gem, which was originally broadcast by the BBC in 2004.


It doesn’t fit into any specific genre – it’s part-thriller, part-black comedy, part-musical, part love-story, and sometimes almost a parable, too.  I absolutely loved it, it was so different from anything I’ve ever seen before, and with a stellar cast, too – David Morrissey, Sarah Parish and David Tennant were all superb.

What are you reading/watching this week?


7 thoughts on “Reading & Watching Wednesday

  1. I for one will be interested in the Richard & Judy reads. For an historical novel may I recommend a very old book called Sutton Place by Dinah Lampitt. A wonderful novel set at Sutton Place which is one of the first non fortified Tudor manor houses near Guildford. I did start to read Paris by Edward Rutherford whose novels I normally enjoy but just couldn´t get in to this one. I have also finished a book called The Radleys about a family of vampires who are trying to be “abstainers”. Funny and quite clever. And now I am on a Linwood Barclay the name of which escapes me for the moment but am enjoying his work. Watching The Fall on TV which is really really good but does make me want to watch from behind a cushion at times. Other than that it is The Good Wife and the Scandi drama on BBC4 Saturday nights plus Corolone (again the spelling is most likely wrong) about the Mafia on Sicily. Excellent but in Italian with sub titles.

  2. I just watched ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ with Julia Roberts which was utterly dire! I treated myself to Les Mis on dvd as I was blown away by it earlier this year. Definitely better on a big screen though…
    Blackpool sounds great.

  3. Some of the Richard and Judy books look interesting – only judging by their covers and titles though.
    I have now watched two episodes of The Fall and I am not impressed I’m afraid. It’s too slow and I don’t like the main character (Gillian Anderson’s detective) so I am considering just not bothering with the rest although I would like to find out how they catch the murderer!

  4. We just watched the first episode of ‘The Fall’ tonight. We are also half way through the ‘House of Cards’ series (released through Netflix over here – with Kevin Spacey – very good so far). I remember watching just one episode of ‘Blackpool’ – maybe I didn’t give it enough time……
    I am reading ‘Dark Tide’ by Elizabeth Haynes….. enjoying it so far.
    I had already read one of the Richard and Judy picks.. ’twas good as I recall. I also have a couple of the other titles out from the library (must read in next 2 weeks).
    I am going to go and see ‘The Hangover III’ tomorrow – can’t be as dire as part 2…….. the music on the trailer sounds quite good too……

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