Sunday Car Booty

Morning all!  Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.  Yesterday was sunny and warmish here, but today has dawned dull and with the threat of the rain in the air.  Undeterred, I’m about to put a load of laundry on, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t pour down.

I leaped out of bed at 6.30 this morning when the alarm went off, and was at the car boot sale before 7.  And home before 8, with two bags full of booty.  Excellent.

Here’s what I bought:


Tortoiseshell Evie sandals £1, Dorothy Perkins snakeskin heels brand new £2, Hi Tec boys’ boots £1, brand new M&S wedges £1.50


Oasis silk tunic dress £2


Next girls ‘ skirt and maxi dress, £2.50 the pair


Clarks Doodles sandals 50p, Travel Scrabble £1

IMG_0087Scholl black leather sandals £1, M&S brand new mules £1, Rieker brand new flats £3, Nike trainers 50p


Per Una dress £2

Most optimistically priced item spotted:  A 2009 diary and calendar set marked at £3.  I’d put money on them going home again!

**Edited to add: linking up with Magpie Monday**


13 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Nice finds again, Caroline. Gawd, I don’t half miss my weekly boot sale trips – they’re as rare as hen’s teeth in these here parts. £3 for a 2009 diary and calendar set!! Well, they do say God loves a trier!!

  2. If we ever get round to downsizing and have a yard sale I must invite you round. I won’t be selling old diaries though I do have a charity calendar from a nearby village along the lines of calendar girls but men, its so good I still have it on the notice board ten years later.

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