Reading & Watching Wednesday



I picked this up from the library last week for my 2013 reading challenge  Food/Cookbooks category, and I’m really enjoying it, not just for the foody aspect, but also as a travel book – I now really feel the need to visit Laos of all places!  I’ve been dipping in and out at the same time as reading other books, and have just started this one …



I’ve been sent this to review pre-publication and have only just started it, but it’s quite promising.  The first chapter really sucked me in, and kept me reading long after I would normally have turned the light out last night, so I’m looking forward to having an opportunity to get well stuck into it on my train journey this morning.



We’ve been watching Revolution ‘en famille’ on a Sunday evening.  It’s set 15 years after a worldwide power blackout, and at first seemed really promising – the initial couple of episodes were great.  So many things I’ve watched recently have started well and gone downhill (The Following being another that springs to mind – gave that up before the end of the series), and this seems to be another.  Ashley and Will are really enjoying all the swordfighting stuff, but I’m finding it more and more yawn-inducing each week.



8 thoughts on “Reading & Watching Wednesday

  1. We gave up on both of these shows after a couple of episodes. Revolution seemed to be good on paper but everyone was too clean and clothes were straight out of the store. Much preferred the UK´s Survivors. As for The Following I found it too creepy in there are too many real weirdos out there without seeing them on the TV. But have found that a lot with new series lately. Seem good but get bored with them easily, i.e. Vegas, Nashville, and the new one with Keifer Sutherland the name of which completely escapes me. Yet all my old favourites are now gone ER, House, Brothers & Sisters, 24 (although it is due back next year). Did watch the first episode of The Fall which looks promising.

    Bookwise just finished two NOS42U by Joe Hill which was amazing and The Last Love Letter by Jo Jo Moyles which was okay.

    • Am still sticking with Nashville, but only just. Love Grey’s Anatomy, one of my favourites, latest series coming to an end now. Kiefer Sutherland thing (The Touch?) is yawn-making, only watched two eps of the first series before I gave that up.

  2. There is so much hype every year about new series launched in September but it is so common for them to sound great, dwindle and get cancelled before they even show all the episodes they have taped. Never known anything like it…….apart from over here.
    Charity Norman rings a bell…. will have to see if I have read previous books by her/him.

    Is TPBowles a funny writer? I imagine him to be for some reason…..

  3. I saw the first Revolution and loved the concept and the sets. Especially the medieval-esque village in the middle of the cul-de-sac! Then I promptly forgot when it was on and missed the rest. I’m no good at following things…

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