Friday 5: Summer Handbag Lust List

Yes, I know it’s not Friday any more.  However, I had a traumatic day yesterday, the main reason for which weirdly coincided with the subject of this blog post.

I was already grumpy yesterday morning for a couple of reasons, mainly various plans being cancelled by various friends at the last minute, a particular pet hate of mine.  Anyway, after a lunch I was looking forward to was cancelled, I decided to go to Sainsburys and get the grocery shop out of the way.  So off I went, did the shopping, paid, loaded the car and drove home.  When I got home, I unloaded the shopping bags and suddenly realised I didn’t have my handbag.

I knew I’d had it when I paid, so I could only imagine that I’d left it in the trolley when I’d loaded the shopping into the car.  Needless to say, I was really worried, not to mention furious with myself for being so stupid.  Anyway, I phoned Sainsburys, who really weren’t very helpful at all – couldn’t even be bothered to send somebody out to the car park to check whether it was still there in the trolley.  Eventually, after I got very firm with them, they did send somebody, and of course, it wasn’t there.  So I assumed the worst, that it had been stolen.

And then I got a phone call from the petrol station near where I’d parked, to say that it had been handed in.   I can’t tell you how relieved I was – so much so that I actually cried.  My faith in human kindness was restored.

Anyway, moving on – although I’m not in the  market for a new handbag currently (I already have far more than I need), it doesn’t stop me looking, and this is my fantasy handbag list for this season.

1.   Mulberry



I have a soft spot for Mulberry (gotta love a proper British brand), and as soon as I saw the Willow Tote on the catwalk, I knew that if money was no object, this bag would be mine.  It’s out of my price range, however, and costs nearly as much as the week’s holiday in Greece I’ve just booked, so I really can’t justify it at all.

2.   Marks & Spencer



At £39, this is a far more realistic price, and I think it’d be fab for adding a smart and stylish touch to an ordinary outfit of jeans and top.

3.   Dior



Dior have such amazing colours for spring and summer this year – their bags come in an array of neons and pastels, and really I’d like one in each shade.  But if I could only have one, I think it might well be this lovely shade of blue.

4.   Matalan



I’ve never bought a bag from Matalan, but I saw this one in store the other day and was really very impressed with the quality for only £20.  It really doesn’t look cheap at all, and I very nearly weakened and bought it, but I stopped myself just in time!

5.   Gucci



Oh, how I love a Gucci bag.  I couldn’t choose between these two, so I had to show you both.  Even if I won the lottery, however, I couldn’t bring myself to part with $28,000 for a handbag which, ridiculously, is the price of the blue one!



11 thoughts on “Friday 5: Summer Handbag Lust List

  1. I love handbags but just cannot understand how any of them can be priced so ridiculously. What a waste of money. I expect they are still made in the sweat shops of Asia.

    Glad you got your bag back it is a horrible horrible experience to lose it and I am always dreaming of it and feeling the panic. Did the person who handed it in leave their name?

  2. So glad to hear you got your handbag back safely. I know that horrible sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach when you realise bag / purse is not there. It’s lovely to know there are still some honest people out there.

  3. Phew you got your bag back, very lucky indeed! I LOVE bags and have lots more than I need but am always on the lookout for a bargain bag, I think bags have become more part of an outfit now, I love the Mulberry so much, how stylish is that? Mattalan do sell sell some decent bags but I haven’t seen that one in our local store, maybe just because I haven’t looked properly but will next time I go in because it looks a lot more expensive. X Dawn

  4. ahhh, beautiful bags..of course I like the blue Gucci one best. Just typical. What a crazy price tag! Can’t get my head round spending even a fraction of that on a bag.
    So SO glad some kind soul handed yours in. I’d have cried too x

  5. I was tempted by that Matalan one too, also comes in a tan shade which is nice. Great news about your handbag, such a lovely person;)

  6. So glad you got your handbag back, you must have been so relieved. I nearly weakened when I saw the Matalan bag a couple of weeks ago and you’re right it does look quite expensive. As for the Gucci bag, their prices are obscene. I don’t think I’ve even paid £28 for one of my bags.

  7. I love the Willow tote!! So gorgeous… it might have to go on my handbag wish list although I think I’ve spent more than enough on bags recently!

    Victoria x

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