April Wrap-Up

2013-05-02 08.27.31


Another month, and a whole THIRD of 2013 now behind us.  Thank heavens spring has finally arrived – we’ve had almost a whole week of lovely sunshine here in Devon, and it does make such a difference to everything.  Long may it continue.

At the beginning of April we were still in the midst of school holidays, and Will and I took a train trip to stay with my parents for a few days, which was nice.  It’s the first time I’ve travelled ‘home’ on the train, and with only one change, it was a easy and pleasantjourney.  It was also a massive cost-saving compared with petrol, so much so that I’ve booked to go again (by myself this time) in a couple of weeks.

April was also the month that I gave up Facebook, and although I’ve logged on a couple of times during the last month to communicate with friends who I don’t have (easy) other ways of contacting, I can honestly say that I really haven’t missed it.  I wonder how much time I’ve saved?

Car boot season is well underway, and I’ve picked up plenty of second hand bargains this month – also from the £1.99 for everything charity shop.

My very brief career with the NHS came to an end in April (having only started in March!) – sadly, there simply wasn’t enough work to keep me busy, and what there was was sooooo boring (photocopying, scanning, putting stuff in the recycling bin – yes, really), that I simply couldn’t justify wasting my life on it any more.  So I left.  Best decision of the month, and the whole experience has been positive in that it’s made me appreciate the value of my time, and my freedom, so much more than I did before.

We had a fab family weekend in Lyme Regis mid-month, despite the dreadful weather.

I’ve done a LOT of decluttering this month – bags and bags of clothes and shoes have gone to charity shops, and I’ve had a really good sort out of my wardrobe, which is not yet completely finished.

I must also mention that Ashley and I decided to go on our first ever (since William was born) child-free holiday by ourselves, and we’ve booked a week at our favourite hotel in the world, Porto Sani Village in Halkidiki, at the end of September.  William is less than pleased(!)

So, here we are starting another new month, and ‘May’ it be a lovely, sunny month with lots of joy and happiness for us all.



3 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up

  1. I should have put a bet on the success of the NHS work after your induction, just like I should have on the SG musical ending after I sat through the bloody rubbish!!

  2. There’s a lot to be said for travelling by train isn’t there, so much less hassle.
    Sham about the job but it’s given you lots of time for the decluttering which is a job made for the Spring.
    LIsa x

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