Wallpaper Woes

This time last year, we redecorated the breakfast room, and were really pleased with the way it turned out.

When we first moved into this house eight years ago, we spent six months renovating it – gutting the inside completely and starting again, near enough – and to be honest, at the end of that we didn’t have much energy for decorating, so we painted the whole inside white.  Which we loved at the time.   Clean and fresh and lovely – particularly the downstairs, which tends towards being dark, as the windows are too small.  But hey, that’s barn conversions for you – and as it’s a Grade 2 listed building, we can’t do much about that.

Anyway, after injecting a bit of colour last year, I now fancy a feature wall in the lounge as well, and I’ve been pondering wallpaper.  After many, MANY hours (why is there so much damn choice?), I’ve narrowed it down to five final contenders, but I’m struggling to make a final decision ….

This is a pic of three quarters of my lounge (I think if you double click it, the pic comes up bigger, if you’re interested).  That panoramic thing on my iPhone is becoming quite the useful tool!  The wall in question is the one on the right.



And these are my final five choices:



This one is similar in colours and sort of has a retro vibe like the wallpaper we put in the breakfast room, and as downstairs is all open plan (although you can’t see the wall I’m intending to paper in the lounge from the breakfast room), would maybe make the whole floor look a bit more cohesive.

Ditto the above for my second choice:




Really like the splash of pink in this design, too.

This next one is lovely and light, and wouldn’t commit me to any particular colour scheme as it’s just black and white with a dash of gold:




This one is a bit of a Marmite one –  particularly the monkeys …



It comes in a paler grey colourway as well, which is far less in-yer-face, and which would be my choice rather than this dark one, but I think the architectural vibe is just fab.  It also comes in a version without monkeys!

And I’ve saved my particular favourite until last …




In real life the red is far more muted, but I really like the trompe l’oeil thing it’s got going on.  It is, however, EYE-WATERINGLY expensive.  I’m waiting for Ashley to work out how many rolls we’d need for one wall.  If it’s two, we might go for this one, if it’s three we probably won’t!




9 thoughts on “Wallpaper Woes

  1. I love them all. Let us know which one you choose…..The only thing I can think of is the last two may highlight the walls/floors not being completely straight????

  2. I would forever be thinking I saw the monkeys moving just at the edge of my vision. 🙂 I would probably go for the trees. I loved your breakfast room makeover, so I’m sure you will make whatever you pick work beautifully!

  3. Personally, I like numbers one and two the best. Not sure about the monkey one – could get a bit overwhelming after a while and I too would keep thinking one of the little blighters was moving!! Especially after a drink or two.

  4. Hi I like 1 & 2 best. My sister just had a feature wall done & picked a Orla Kiely one ( only needed one roll!). It looks lovely as it goes with a mustard coloured sofa she bought, it has a real retro feel about it. I think the monkey one ( even though very unusual) would darken the room. But hey I am sure you will pick wisely x

  5. Hi. first time visiting today (I think). I like the last one and the second one. The top one is a design you see everywhere and is probably the obvious choice but it is pretty obvious. If you wanted something a little unusual any of the others would be better. Although for me the monkeys and the trees with gold fruit could look a bit like you were trying too hard.

    Go for the one you really like though, I agree with Lisa, don’t compromise!

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