Reading & Watching Wednesday


I started reading this book a couple of days ago, thinking it was a biography of Wallis Simpson, but it’s actually a novel based on her life.  A genre which I don’t really ‘get’, although so far the book is OK, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up if I’d realised that it is what it is.


My latest guilty TV viewing pleasure is Dance Moms, a US import about a very scary lady who runs a dance studio, her pupils and their VERY pushy mothers.  Trashy?  Absolutely.  Addictive?  Very.  Loving it.

Must also add that I finished watching Broadchurch which, although it went off a bit in the middle and was a couple of episodes longer than it really needed to be, I really enjoyed.  I did guess ‘whodunnit’ before the last episode, but I thought overall it was a pretty good crime drama.


4 thoughts on “Reading & Watching Wednesday

  1. I read a similar book once which was ‘based’ loosely on the life of Laura Bush and was actually quite good. ‘Dance Moms’ is a hit over here with Middle School kids…. but have never watched it yet:) If you start watching ‘Honey Boo Boo’ I may blog-disown you though!!! Now HOW did you guess he had done it in Broadchurch when Ellie and myself were oblivious?

  2. Hi I saw dance moms advertised it looks like it could be fun to watch!. Yes watched broadchurch , I did enjoy it. Look forward to no 2 & will be intrigued to see how they go about it. How many murders will broadchurch be able to have!
    I guessed broadchurch from the clue the week before( I expect you picked up on the clue too!)

  3. Hi Caroline, Dance Mom’s ?? not seen it but am going to look for it , love that kind of stuff. I watched Broadchurch and enjoyed it, it did drag on a bit and I guessed who did it then changed my mind and changed it back again, have you seen The Ice Cream Girls ? the first episode was Friday? x Dawn

    • Hi Dawn – I recorded Ice Cream Girls, will probably wait till I’ve recorded all three and then watch them together. You would LOVE Dance Moms, right up your street! Am also watching Real Housewives of Atlanta on ITV2 at the moment – it’s my least favourite of all the Housewives series, but still worth a watch.

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