My Last Few Weeks In Instagram



Ron & Reg, waiting for supper


Will with my parents during a walk on our Easter hols visit to Bournemouth


My parents’ house – love how the sunbeams are caught in this pic.


Free books, from an amazing and huge free video and book store in Bournemouth.

ed6e6a20948c11e2ae8022000a9e2946_6Mexican Chicken Soup.

af283a32a01411e2802422000a9e014e_6Will and Ashley on Newton Abbot’s brand new bridge.  Quite why we needed a brand new bridge when the UK is nearly bankrupt, who knows?  But it’s quite a nice bridge.


Sunday morning greasy spoon fry up.  Yum.


Superdrug shopping.  Love love LOVE that new MUA eye shadow palette (which cost me the bargainous sum of £3!)


Strange characters!

8e043e9ea8e011e2b7f822000a1fb726_6Little signs of spring  in the garden.

d2933c90992c11e293dd22000a1fb194_6Key lime pie made by Ashley for a dinner party.  It was delicious, and huge.


Such a welcome sight – blue sky, sunshine and the washing drying on the line outside.  At last!


5 thoughts on “My Last Few Weeks In Instagram

  1. Love that picture of Ron and Reg. There used to be a free book shop in Basildon – it was brilliant – haven’t found anything like that in Bristol as yet. And Ashley’s key lime pie is a masterpiece.

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