Friday 5: Things On My Shopping List

1.  Cats Eye Sunglassesimage1xlThis seems to be the shape for sunglasses this year, and I rather like the retro look.  This pair is only £10 at – the only thing stopping me buying them is that I’m not sure they’ll suit the shape of my face.

2.   A Kindle Case

kindle cases


There’s just too much choice.  I keep looking but I get overwhelmed.  Help!

3.   A New Measuring Jug



Boring but necessary.  Mine is so old that all the numbers have worn off, and it annoys me every time I use it and have to guess the amounts.

4.   Crochet Yarn



I’m heading towards the end of my current crochet project (a blanket for the sofa) and my thoughts are turning to what I’m going to make next.  I quite fancy having a go at one of these cute dogs.



5.   Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth Serum



I think it’s the name that got me!  ‘Drops of Youth’.  Yep, I definitely need some of that!  And the lovely vibrant green colour – must be good for me if it’s green, right?!




11 thoughts on “Friday 5: Things On My Shopping List

  1. Now the Kindle case – I would recommend one similar to the turquoise (love the colour) basically one that opens up like a book but you can fold back but also has a bit on the inside cover where you can slip your passport and boarding card in then when you are standing in the queue waiting to board which with Ryanair is forever you can still carry on reading and just pull your passport out easily.

    Love the glasses – a woman on tv had on a similar shape and I thought they were gorgeous. Wish I could just wear a pair like that but I need prescription ones. Shame.

  2. I have this cover for my ‘reading’ Kindle and love it because it has the elastic band to keep it closed in my purse and it has a ‘sleeve’ for your hand to slip through on the inside that makes it really easy to hold. On my Kindle Fire I have and I really like the auto on/off with it, and I’m pretty sure the magnet would keep it closed in my purse as well.

      • Let me know what they’re like – can’t believe free delivery to Spain, that’s brilliant. They do nice clothes and shoes on that site, too.

      • Oh shoes – I need a new pair of sandals. There is a pair I like in Clarks but they want 7.50 for delivery to Spain and as the sandals are 50 quid I won´t pay the extra so will check it out.

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