Springtime Fling

In the spirit of the imminent arrival (I do hope) of spring, this morning I decided to do a speed declutter – the house has got a bit out of control what with starting work last month (and finishing yesterday – but that’s another blog post!) and the Easter Holidays, so I set myself a one hour challenge this morning to see how many items I could find to get rid of in the space of just sixty minutes.

I had a figure of 100 items in my head before I started, but I think that was a bit optimistic, as I only ended up with a grand total of 65, but hey, that’s 65 fewer items cluttering up my house, so it’s all good.

Here’s what I found to fling – and where it went:

1.   Monsoon baby shoes (unsold on eBay) – given to Tom in Ashley’s office who’s just had a baby.

2.  Instructions for a toy helicopter that Will doesn’t have any more – binned.

3 – 10.  Out of date magazines, holiday brochures and catalogues – recycled.

11 – 14.  Books I’ve read – passed onto Mum.

15.  Sliding Doors DVD – passed onto Mum.

16.  Rubber bands I’ve been collecting – passed onto Mum (she uses them for something – can’t recall what exactly).

17 – 18.  Will’s outgrown T shirt and shorts – passed onto SIL for nephew.

19 – 21.  Unsold eBay items:  denim mini skirt; Next shoes; Laurel & Hardy DVD – charity shop.

22 – 24.  3 pairs Will’s outgrown shorts – to Ebay.

25.  Will’s outgrown PJs – passed onto SIL for nephew.

26.  Skull toy – charity shop.

27 – 30.  Kids’ board games – to eBay.

31 & 32.  1/2 used face cream and face mask that I was sent to test by a research panel and didn’t like – binned.

33.  Scarf – charity shop.

34 & 35.  DVDs x 2 (The HOliday, Great Escape) – eBay

36.  Catch me if You Can DVD – Charity shop.

37 & 38.  2 half used hair products  that I don’t like – binned.

39.  Evening bag – eBay.

40.  Teddy – charity shop.

41.  Bag of unwanted knitting wool – charity shop.

42.  Bag of unwanted knitting needles – charity shop.

43.  Half finished tapestry kit – charity shop.

44.  Nice piece of John Lewis fabric – ebay.

45.  Several unused balls of mohair wool – eBay.

46 – 47.  Warhammer items unwanted by Will – eBay.

48 – 52.  Wii games we don’t play any more – Ebay.

53. – 55.  Computer games – charity shop.

56 – 59.  Computer games – eBay.

60 & 61.  Book & Xbox game – to Amazon Trade – in.

62.   Empty handcream – binned.

63 – 65.  Non-working pens – binned.


Phew!  A good hour’s work, I reckon!




9 thoughts on “Springtime Fling

  1. wow you need to come to my house and kick me in the bum. That was amazing work. need to get my self sorted, as we are talking about moving. that may mean a smaller house…

  2. Consider yourself virtually high fived (or fist bumped…your choice). I need to do some of that this weekend at my house. Now, tell me…about number 40…when you say teddy do you mean a plush toy or an item of lingerie? Because I saw a red lace teddy complete with garters at my local Goodwill recently and found it somewhat disturbing…er humorous…er blog worthy. 🙂 Stay tuned.

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