Goodbye Facebook – It’s Been Fun



For the last three weeks or so, I’ve been taking a bit of a break from Facebook – it was doing my head in, to use an expression I dislike.  I have popped in occasionally and had a quick scan of what’s going on, but I haven’t posted anything myself (or indeed wanted to) for a good while now.

Facebook has changed.  And not for the better, in my opinion.  It’s full of ‘suggested’ pages and posts, crappy advertising,  pointless videos, links to things I’ve no interest in, and twee things saying ‘share this if you love your daughter’, or ‘put this as your status for one hour if you wish cancer didn’t exist’, and other such inane rubbish.

Facebook has been brilliant for reconnecting with a lot of people who I’d lost touch with for years, but I’m a great believer in moving on from things that you’re not enjoying any more, and that time has come.

I am tired of reading self-congratulatory/isn’t-my-life-wonderful type posts from people who don’t actually have a very wonderful life at all, and it’s making me dislike them as people, when actually in real-life they are quite self-deprecating and genuine individuals.

I am particularly sick of seeing one particular friend who’s in her sixties and a very astute and witty person, writing posts in ghetto-style text speak, presumably in some sort of mis-judged effort to be ‘down with the kids’.

And, you know, I could be spending my time a lot more wisely and enjoyably than scrolling through a newsfeed that is full of all the things I mentioned in paragraph 2 above, along with some random photos of someone’s kids at swimming lessons, and what somebody else had for lunch that day.

The problem is that Facebook is weirdly addictive, I’ve found – even though I haven’t actually enjoyed the time I’ve spent on it probably for months now, up till three weeks ago, I still found myself looking at it several times a day, whether on the PC, the iPad or indeed my phone.  I’m not closing my account (I have a handful of friends who only communicate through the FB messaging system), but I am going to cull my friends list right back, remove the app from my phone, and delete Facebook from the bookmarks on the computer.

So, goodbye, Facebook, for now.  It’s been fun, but like so many things in life – it’s time you and I both moved on.  Separately.







6 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook – It’s Been Fun

  1. I pop into Facebook maybe once or twice a month. I never post…rarely even comment. Like you I really only keep account because I have a couple of friends who only use fb to message. The best thing about it lately for me is a group of local neighbors where you can post things you want to sell or give away…I’m going to start using that any day now. 🙂

  2. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t have the time. Everyone at work is on it on their phone whilst we are actually supposed to be working and they walk around with their phones attached to their hand, thrust out in front of them, where they glance at it every 2 secs. it actually scares me.

    I went 5 weeks with no phone. It was freeing. People actually seem panicked if they leave their phone at home and have been known to go home to get it.

  3. My phone isn’t connected to the internet so I can only access Facebook when I choose to. I wouldn’t mind a few more friends who consider their lives wonderful, I seem to have accumulated rather a lot of whingers who think having a sore throat or encountering a queue jumper in a supermarket worthy of a status update! x

  4. Oh I completely get why you did this. I discontinued my account couple of years ago and missed it very little. There were just a couple of friends who only really communicated that way that I missed. A lot of people asked me if I had discontinued it or whether I had just ‘culled them’ – which is a whole other debate in itself!
    I signed up again over a year ago but blocked several people. I read more than post and it amuses/irks me (depending on my mood) the facade lots of people put up…. Happily married etc….. kids always happy and beaming….. oh and those who share EVERYTHING in their day. Who has time for this and why do you think people want to know about your new black and decker drill or the whole you found in the air duct?

  5. I made the decision not to be on facebook after seeing what a colleague had put on her ‘page?’ (You see, I don’t even know the correct terminology) It was full of inane comments and loads of photo’s of her and her boyfriend lying on their bed. I couldn’t believe anyone would want to look at that or read such drivel so I gave it a wide berth. Plus I really don’t have the time. Most of my colleagues think I am ‘old fashioned’ but I really couldn’t give a flying f***

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