March Movies

Bit of a blah month as far as films were concerned, really – didn’t see anything that I really loved at all.  Here’s what I watched:

1.   Glory Road

Boring – don’t know what made me think I’d enjoy a Disney film about a basketball team, really, as I’m not a huge fan of either Disney or indeed basketball.gloryroad

2.   Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I wanted to love this, and although it was probably my favourite film of the month, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I anticipated, though I couldn’t put my finger on why not.  The little boy’s acting was fantastic, and the storyline (a child coming to terms with his father’s death on 9/11, via a quest which takes him all over the place, meeting all sorts of people) was original and well-written.  I just didn’t engage with it emotionally as much as I wanted to.


3.   Memento

Incredibly clever film, but SOOO complicated, as the story unfolds BACKWARDS!  I started watching this one evening while crocheting, and it quickly became clear that this movie needs your full, undivided attention while you’re wide awake and firing on all cylinders, which I probably wasn’t.  It’s the sort of film that you need to re-watch the second you get to the end in order to understand it, and I didn’t have time to do so, so probably didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have done.  Definitely one to watch again, though.


4.   My Life

Expectant father with terminal cancer desperately tries to stay alive long enough to see his son born, and learns some life lessons along the way.  Felt more like a made-for-TV afternoon filler than a proper film.


5.   Drive

Watchable action thriller about an odd chap who is a stuntman by day and  moonlights as a getaway driver by night.  The no holds barred blood and violence put me off a bit, but it had some good moments, too.


6.   Oz The Great & Powerful

Went to the cinema to see this over the Easter weekend, in 3D.  We all ‘quite’ enjoyed it, but none of us LOVED it.  Says it all, really.


7.   Sliding Doors

A copy of this came free with a newspaper a while back and as I hadn’t seen it for years, I decided to watch it again over the long, cold Bank Holiday weekend.  It was such a clever film, and I do like Gwyneth Paltrow’s flawless English accent.  And John Hannah.  Quirky and original. 


What movies have you been watching lately?  Anything you can recommend?


8 thoughts on “March Movies

  1. If you liked the concept of Sliding Doors (which I loved) try reading Life After Life by Kate Atkinson the same kind of “what if” concept. I actually enjoyed Extremely Loud and found it very emotional. With a lot of protests of “I don´t do this type of movie” I did become involved with the new Batman movie on Sky. I started out doing jobs and sneaking a gaze here and there as I was being very aloof at the time and then found myself sitting on the settee actually watching and enjoying it.

    • Have tried a Kate Atkinson in the past (something about a museum?) and hated it, but maybe I should give her another go. I took Will to see the Spiderman film last summer, expected to hate it, and was really quite impressed, despite myself.

      • Behind the Museum or something like that. I have read it and cannot remember it at all. But I did love something something something and took my dog!

  2. I went to the cinema and saw the film The Host, the book was by Stephanie Meyers. AWFUL! Don’t waste your money. I quite liked the book but I am a purist. If the book says some one throws themselves down a lift shaft to kill them selves, then that is what should be in the film. Not them throwing themselves out a window.

    I will stop before I really start ranting

  3. I also couldn’t get through the Kate Atkinson book and it bugged me as I knew it was a bestseller etc and I kept thinking it was me…….
    I watched Memento and thought it was very clever but someone had told us to really pay attention……
    Save a few hours of your life and avoid ‘The Master’ which was dire. Have you seen ‘a perfect getaway’? Very good…… Nothing much coming out at the movies here for now….

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