March Wrap-Up

March Wrap UpGoodness, a quarter of 2013 is already behind us – I can’t quite believe it.

March started freezing cold, segued into wet and freezing cold, and ended with a four day freezing cold Easter break.  I don’t think the temperature has risen above 4 degrees all month.

The beginning of the month saw a very pleasant trip to at Ston Easton Park (a Christmas present from Ashley), which was very grand and rather like having our own stately home for the night!  On the way home, we made a detour to Keynsham, to pay a surprise flying visit to a long-time blogging friend, Elizabeth, who had a stall at a vintage flea market there.  It was lovely to meet Elizabeth (and her mum, sister and nephew) in real life at last, having been virtual friends for several years now.

The annual school Parents’ Evening took place during March, and it was nice to put faces to names with Will’s school teachers, and to receive very positive reports about his progress in Year 8.  His year at school is particularly small and there are only around 10 children in his class, which is brilliant, as the teachers are able to give the kids far more one to one attention than would normally be the case.

We entertained rather a lot during this month – a total of three dinner parties according to my diary.  Must be about time we got invited to somebody else’s house for a meal now!

I started work mid-March on a six month admin placement at the local NHS hospital, but I’m disappointed to say that it’s not really very enjoyable.  The people are nice enough, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough to do, despite the fact they all claim to be rushed off their feet.  Last week there was literally nothing at all for me to do for three hours out of the five I was there, and I ended up going home early (unpaid, obviously).  Much as I want to love it, I’m not feeling very positive at all, to be honest.

Car boots have been a bit thin on the ground this month with the cold weather, and I had a terrible eBay week mid-month with a glut of problematic buyers all at once.  I often find with eBay that it jogs along very nicely for several months and then, like buses, several problems come at the same time.  Fingers crossed, the majority are now ironed out.  The next challenge is April’s increase in postage costs, which means finding alternative, cheaper delivery services to the Royal Mail for larger items.

Well, we’re now into April, so let’s hope it brings with it some proper springtime weather to put a bit of a spring in all our steps – I think everybody is fed up with the arctic temperatures now!


5 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up

  1. Brrrr from the West Midlands, it has been freezing, Caroline have you tried parcel monkey or parcels to go, I have used parcel monkey and they give you a quote for the size and weight of each item and are reasonable. i am waiting for the weather to warm up as I need some items to alter for my vintage business ( tea cups etc) , looking forward to reading your April posts, I too can’t quite believe it is April x Dawn

  2. I am also stunned, that the year is flying by. The sky is threatening to snow and has been since Wednesday just gone

    Sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying it, working on Bank. I found it all quite trying at times. So many little people full of self importance and aren’t Dr’s or Nurses… Some made an absolute art out of walking around with a piece of paper or a set of notes and didn’t do a stroke of work. it really was amazing. Lets hope it all picks up for you.

    Sorry I have no idea about an alternative postal service. I cant seem to get real people to even turn up to take things I have advertised on freecycle.

    Wow, you are the hostess with the most-ess. All those dinner parties. Your own cooking will probably be superior anyways!

    Better weather is surely on its way

  3. Hi, yes can’t believe it’s April and no sign of any warmer weather yet!…it must be building up to a heatwave later on…Joke!! p.s. please if you get a mo, have a look at my blog, all comments welcome!! xx

  4. Pretty dismal year so far, I’m not liking the weather, not feeling motivated, put a bit of weight on, still in semi hibernation. We will all feel better once we get into our summer clothes but I have to say winter suits me less and less, must be an age thing. Well done with the entertaining, I’m one of those who has been invited for dinner and now owes several people

  5. It was lovely to meet you and Ashley in Keynsham, too – a wonderful surprise. I can’t believe that a quarter of 2013 is already behind us, and that this perishing weather looks set to stay for at least another week!! Like Net-a-Dresser, I’m hoping we’ll get some lovely summer weather as compensation for the awful winter we’ve all endured.

    Sorry to hear your job is not brilliant. I hated having to scrabble around for things to do when I was working – always much preferred to be busy, at least the time went quicker then. It’s funny how it’s always the departments that seem to think they’re rushed off their feet that, in reality, are not that busy at all. Hope it improves for you soon.

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