Friday 5: Reasons I Cannot WAIT For Spring To Arrive!

1.         The cold.  I hate the bloody cold.  Not least because of the ridiculous heating bills.  £100 a month on gas, I’m spending at the moment.  And I only have the heating on for a couple of hours in the morning and from 4 to 8.30 in the evening.  Maybe a bit longer at weekends.  As for the electric – £130 last month.  I blame the hot tub, which is costing more because of the cold weather.


2.         Wet washing inside the house.  I don’t own a tumble dryer a) because I don’t have a suitable location for one and b) to try and keep electric costs down (ha ha, see number 1).   I have managed to dry the laundry outside only a couple of times so far this year, and I can’t wait to get some decent drying weather.


3.         Dry skin and chapped lips.  However much body lotion and lip salve I slather on, my skin feels like sandpaper.  Am SO over it.


4.         Dark mornings, dark evenings.  Although we’re seeing the light (geddit?!) at the end of the tunnel now, and we’re well on the way to longer, brighter days, thank goodness.


5.         Winter food.  I love soups and stews as much as the next person, but I’ve always had enough of them by this time of year.  I want to crave salads and pasta, and barbecues, and when it’s still this cold, I just don’t.


10 thoughts on “Friday 5: Reasons I Cannot WAIT For Spring To Arrive!

  1. Beautiful day today here on the Costa de Luz sitting eating swordfish in the sun watching the surfers in the sea. You should have a break here it is truly beautiful and the weather coming up to Easter is glorious.

  2. I couldn’t agree more!!!

    I don’t mind Autumn/Winter but this is just ridiculous now!!! Especially when the shops are filled with shorts and bikinis and I’m still wrapping up in multiple layers to keep warm!

    Victoria xx

  3. You and me both – roll on Spring – it officially starts next Thursday and its my birthday on Friday and I shall want SUNSHINE (imagine a diva-style stamp there!!).

    Alas this morning is wet & windy – oh joy!!

  4. Yup, bring Spring on – now!! I have totally had enough of this seemingly never-ending, awful winter. Though, as I read somewhere else, it’s not surprising we’re all fed as we’ve had 18 months of winter in the UK (‘cos you certainly couldn’t call last summer ‘summer’ by any stretch of the imagination!!)

  5. I don’t own a tumble drier either and have 2 clothes horses upstairs, the bills omg ! I crave fresh fruit and salads but can’t get out of the stodgy winter food habbit. I have had dry hands and dry lips too. Bring on the warm weather and outdoor living (if we do have a spring and summer this year) x Dawn

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