Sunday Car Booty

It never ceases to amaze me what a cross section of the population you find at car boot sales.

Everybody is there: market traders who sell stuff outside in the cold for a living;  young mums making a few quid from their kids’ outgrown toys and clothes; rather well spoken, elegant ladies selling their Jaeger and Country Casuals cast-offs; whole families, maybe about to move house, decluttering and trying to get rid of all manner of their hoarded belongings; teenage girls flogging piles of last year’s Primark and unwanted make-up so they can buy more of this year’s; young lads flogging DVDs and computer games, again presumably so they can buy some more; and some of my favourites, the slightly quirky, eccentric regular sellers who always have the exact same items on their stall that nobody wants, and who seem to be there for the social rather than making money – all us regulars stop and chat to them each week, and if they’re not there, then you notice and hope they’re OK.

And, although you get the very occasional grumpy monosyllabic seller, the vast majority are lovely people, ready with a smile and happy to chat and pass the time of day, and do you know, every week, my faith in humanity goes up a few notches after I’ve been to the car boot sale.  I like to chat to people that I probably don’t have much in common with, and would never get the opportunity to chat to otherwise – I learn stuff, have a laugh and a bit of a banter, and it gladdens my soul.

Shopping and therapy.  What’s not to like?

Anyway, enough with the philosophising – you just want to see what I’ve bought, don’t you?


Accessorize make-up brush collection, £1.50


Dolce & Gabbana (genuine) sunglasses and case, £4

IMG_2657Kirsty Allsopp Craft book (can’t stand the woman myself, but she’s inexplicably popular currently) £1.50, brand new flip flops £1

IMG_2656Jigsaw top £1, Next linen trousers 50p

IMG_2654Evans fringed top, lovely green linen dress (nicer than my photography skills would have you believe), £1 each

IMG_2653Next top 50p, Evans top £1.

And Reg.  He’s still in discussions with his agent over appearing in his own blog post.

IMG_2652Nails Inc nail polish set £1, Body Shop body butter 50p.

IMG_2651Osprey pink pouch 75p, pale pink box clutch £1.50 (still has original £18 label on it), Suzy Smith yellow purse 75p.

Not a bad haul for a wet Sunday morning inside the multi-storey car park!

Looks like my tentative hope that spring was with us at the beginning of last week has been dashed with below zero temperatures and snow flurries forecast from tomorrow.  Lovely!

**Edited to add: linking up with Magpie Monday over at Liz’s**


10 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Another great haul! I do agree with you about the chatting, its one of the things I love about being down the market at 8.00am on a Saturday. Regular stallholders say hello and there’s always a lot of friendly joshing. I almost have a market alter ego.

  2. Your cat is enjoying your Sunday morning photo shot as much as us!
    Bet those black flip flops are going on holiday with you, they are fab.
    Lisa x

  3. Hi I love boot sales to. I love seeing your goodies you find! A lot of stuff I find I end up keeping, some I ebay. I find that I have been lazy since car boot season ended and even though some are still on, I have not ventured to them. The good ones come back in spring round here!.
    Well done look forward to seeing more. I would love to make earnings through ebay . I do not think I have the staying power with it & go through lulls. As it can be frustrating to! Sounds like you are a natural at it

    • Hi Dominique – thanks for visiting and for your comment. I enjoy eBay, but it’s only a hobby really. I enjoy the shopping more than the selling. I’m starting a part-time job next week, so may not find the time any more to do as much eBaying as I used to.

  4. Love the shape of the box clutch, and you can never have too many nail polishes! Car boot season hasn’t kicked off down this way yet, I was really hoping to go to one this weekend

  5. Great bargains as usual Caroline, especially the nail varnishes and body lotion (I love anything ‘rose-y’ at the moment) Found myself getting very irritated by KA in her craft series, she may be affluent and have plenty of dosh to splurge on random crafts (concrete lampbase????) but most of us don’t.

  6. I know what you mean about the banter and those great characters you come across at car boots – really looking forward to all that when the ones here start up again.
    Another impressive sunday haul too! Bargain sunglasses and a lovely collection of clothes. I’m sure you must do so well selling on eBay!

  7. Yet another great haul! I’ve been slacking on the car boots recently, been put off by the freezing weather. I should man up and put on a hat, I’m obviously missing out x

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