Sunday Car Booty

Quite a big bootsale this morning – and the mornings are getting lighter at last.  Still cold, though.

Could have stamped my foot when a chap just in front of me managed to buy two gorgeous vintage handbags I hadn’t managed to get to quickly enough for a quid for the pair!  Never mind, though, still came home with some bargains.

IMG_2479Past Times white cotton pyjamas £2, New Look knee high boots £1.75, tabby and white cat – stylist’s own(!)


Clarks black heels & M&S Footglove (new) sandals, £3.50 the pair

M&S black ballet pumps £3, DC boys’ shoes £2

carboot1Monsoon girl’s dress £2

Scented candle & room diffuser £1.50, Perfume set £1

IMG_248017 eye shadow set *new* & vintage but unused Avon lipstick, £1 the pair.  They don’t make lipstick packaging like that any more!

IMG_2475Boxed wooden puzzles 50p.  A little something to keep William amused over half term!

IMG_2481Damart brand new shoes £1

IMG_2477Evans skirt £1.

Not sure what Sunday’s plans are yet – everybody apart from me is still in bed!

Happy weekend, one and all.

**Once again, apologies for the picture quality – although my camera came back from the repairers, it has had to be sent back again, as it arrived back with a bloody great big dent in the front of it which it didn’t have when I sent it off!  So it’s a choice of either the SLR or the iPhone, and for some reason my iPhone pics are out of focus again today – sorry**


7 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Excellent finds again, Caroline. I’m particularly liking the Evans skirt and the stylist’s own cat! He does bear a remarkable likeness to Mum’s cat Lily in that back view – though Lily is VERY gingery and has the red-head temperament to match. She loves to give anything new that comes into the house a darned good sniff – especially if it’s second hand.

  2. You’re so lucky to be able to go to a boot sale all year round, they’re non-existent in my area from November to March.Great finds, I notice you buy a lot of shoes, I tend not to sell them very often on Ebay due to the high postage costs but maybe I’ll look more carefully when the boot sales start again. It drives me mad when someone snaps up a bargain just before you get to it! Only yesterday I was at a jumble sale and spotted a rose print apron, perfect for patchwork. A lady grabbed it before I could, I was hovering hoping she’d put it back (she took ages to make up her mind) but finally she added it to her bundle of clothes. I have to tell myself to get over it or I think about the bargain that never was all day long.

  3. You truly are a champion car booter! Always find such great stuff. I’m itching to get out there again, but our local one doesn’t start until Easter. Beautiful Monsoon dress, I know a little girl who’d love that!

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