Seven Deadly Sins



Greed: Most money spent in one purchase? 

Other than house and car, it would probably be a holiday.  And would be in the region of several thousand pounds, but I’m not giving an exact figure!  My biggest purchase of an actual item is my Chanel handbag, which I bought myself for my 40th, and was £750.  Shocking, I know.  Antique/heirloom of the future, though – in my defence!


 Wrath: Do you have any love/hate relationships?

No, not that I can think of.  Other than with my scales – and that’s mostly hate, if I’m honest.


Gluttony: What do you over-indulge in?

Cocktails. White wine.  Kettle chips.  Cheese.  Oh cheese, how I love you.  And lip gloss – I have more than I’ll ever use in one lifetime.  Despite my self-imposed moratorium on purchasing beauty products for the whole of 2011, I have slipped back into my old ways again, and can’t resist the lure of the make-up counter.


Sloth: What is your lazy habit? 

Getting into bed on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to watch DVDs and read.  It’s one of my favourite things about the weekend!


 Pride: What gives you confidence and makes you proud?

Think this is two different questions!  Confidence – well, a face full of slap, a brightly coloured outfit, and a pair of heels will usually do it.

What makes me proud?  Well, today it’s my very clever son who has just won a 13+ academic scholarship at school, and got the best result in the maths exam of anybody who’s ever taken it!  And it also means a substantial discount on the next three years’ school fees as well, which can’t be bad!


Lust: What or who do you lust over?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers in The Tudors and Damien Lewis in Homeland.  And a nice cheeseboard as well.


 Envy: What are you envious of?

I’m not really envious of anything that springs to mind.  I mean, yeah, I’d love a yacht in the Caribbean and a Lear Jet as much as the next person, but I’m really quite content with my life, and count myself very lucky.


What are your 7 deadly sins? I’d love to read them



4 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins

  1. Greed – £2000 on a Rolex was my biggest single purchase but that was for Nick so surely that’s not greedy!

    Wrath – my love hate relationship is with red wine – love the way it hits the spot – hate the fact it gives me a bad hangover!

    Gluttony – I definitely over indulge in clothes – I always have and always will (buy lots second hand though so this shouldn’t count either)!

    Sloth – my lazy habit would have to be going to bed early to read or watch TV. Occasionally I watch a film in the afternoon while the children are at school – this makes me feel very lazy!

    Pride – What gives me confidence and gives me pride? Hmm don’t have much confidence so can’t think of anything that helps me in that aspect – the children give me pride when I hear good things about them from other people.

    Lust – I lust over – Justin Timberlake. Enrique, Brad Pitt and chocolate.

    Envy – I’m envious of the beautiful crowd at school who wear designer clothes all the time, I’m envious of people who eat loads and don’t put on weight, I’m envious of my slimmer friends, I’m envious of people who have nice hair, I’m envious of photogenic people, I’m envious of people who drive around in convertible sports cars, I’m envious of anyone who doesn’t need to wear a thick layer of makeup to look good……… Oh the list goes on LOL!

  2. Wonderful news about your son – what a star!
    I’d have to say my most expensive (and impulsive) buy was a campervan… I got it when my husband was away on a 6 month tour – so, BIG surprise waiting for him in the garage when he got home!! It could have been a disaster, but thankfully turned out to be one of my better ideas 🙂

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