Charity Shop Bonanza!

It was freeeeezing this morning, and almost put me off popping into town to return some books to the library and pick up a couple of bits and bobs I needed.  But I’m SO glad I went, as I paid a visit to Barnardo’s charity shop, and bought three huge carrier bags full of clothes!!

I’ve mentioned before that Barnardo’s sell every single item of clothing for £1.99, but the last few times I’ve been in, I’ve only picked up one or two bits, and nothing particularly exciting for a while.  So I was very excited to see the rails full to bursting with new stock when I went in this morning.


This is the pile I came home with!

Among the items I haven’t pictured individually were a pair of brand new Aquascutum trousers, a pair of Armani Collezioni trousers, a beautiful Jaeger skirt and a pair of Nicole Farhi trousers.  All for £1.99.

I came away with a total of 20 items for under £40, and you can’t say fairer than that, can you?


M&S brand new jacket, Dorothy Perkins peplum top, Per Una cord skirt

shoppingH&M party dress, Great Plains wrap dress, Monsoon linen skirt and M&S Autograph shrug cardigan.

Possibly my best ever charity shop haul – certainly my biggest!


10 thoughts on “Charity Shop Bonanza!

  1. Bloody hell Caroline that’s an amazing haul!
    I am in love with the linen skirt and the cord one.
    I think that’s they way to sell stuff, price well and keep the stock moving.
    What a result.
    Lisa x

  2. Good work, does that mean you won’t be car booting at the weekend. I have found absolutely nothing at my weekly charity shop visits this year, which isn’t a bad thing as I am supposed to be downsizing.

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