Five Small Projects I Want To Get Done This Week

In the spirit of my newfound enthusiasm for home organisation, I thought if I committed this list to paper (albeit virtual), I’d have more success in actually getting these things done!

1.   Sort out bathroom cabinet.  It’s so overfull and messy that every time I spin it round (it’s a cube on a pole with a mirror on the front), stuff falls all over the floor.

2.   Turn Dining Room rug around so it wears equally on each side.  This is more complicated than it sounds, as it involves two people lifting up one end at a time of our dining room table which is also a slate-bedded pool table and is consequently EXTREMELY HEAVY, while somebody else flips the rug out from underneath it.

3.   Clear up office floor and small storage shelves.  An ongoing battle, as this is where my eBay/car boot sale stuff is stored, and it is never tidy.

4.   Clothes sort out – still got one drawer of mine to do, and two drawers of Will’s.

5.   Finish sorting and backing up digital photos.  I am very nearly at the end of this project, just the last couple of hurdles to go. I’ll be so happy once it’s completed.



4 thoughts on “Five Small Projects I Want To Get Done This Week

  1. Getting something major like the photos sorted is such a great achievement.
    Doing things in small stages like the clothes one drawer at a time is the way to go I reckon. Hope the week goes to plan.
    Lisa x

  2. Gosh you should come and do some de-cluttering in my house. I do great. I go through the drawers. Taking things out, I get distracted. then forget I was doing it and then it is time for bed, where my house is so small, I then have to put it back so I can get into bed.

    And so the circle goes.

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