January Wrap-Up

Well, there goes the first month of the year.  It seems like a long time since Christmas, but I always think January seems like a long month.


The highlights of my January were two trips away – the first to Sherbourne with Ashley, and then later in the month my annual shopping trip to London for two days with Mum, which was just as much fun as it always is.


Work-wise, January hasn’t been the success I’d hoped.  The NHS have been full of empty promises as far as work is concerned (at the time of writing, they are still stringing me along with the promise of a job, and the same woman who has been supposed to be going to phone me since 8th Jan has still not done so).  Frankly, after my experience with their training and admin, I don’t know if I’d even accept any work if they offered it to me.  On the plus side, I’ve had a very good month on eBay.


Back in November, I wrote about organizing my home and getting into some sort of routine with the housework.  This has been something of a success, and I’ve got morning and evening routines which I stick to (most of the time) now, as well as particular housework tasks assigned to specific days.  It’s all working well, and is hugely helped by a very clever little iPhone app that I downloaded called HomeRoutines.  Call me shallow, but I find great satisfaction in ticking items off lists as I get them done!


Inevitably, the horrible weather in January brings with it a lack of desire to leave the house (in my case, anyway), and I’ve spent a lot of time watching TV and movies, reading and crocheting.  Some of my favourite pastimes, so what’s not to like?!  The side effect of this, however, is a lack of exercise and rather too many cups of tea and chocolate biccies!


Although, in my book, January is a month to be endured rather than enjoyed, it’s been a nice month overall,  and a good start to the year.  And the end of the month can only mean one thing – we’re one month closer to springtime!


6 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up

  1. Marking things done helps me too. I’ve been wanting to ask you how you liked Gone Girl. I was wanting to read it, but I just talked to someone who said it started off really good, but then got too weird for her. Thought I should ask a second opinion.

  2. Not so keen on lists or routine, but I do like sitting on the sofa. January is the longest month but I am hoping to get out into the garden today. Things can only improve as spring gets nearer. Enjoy the weeekend.

  3. Like you I love lists and ticking things off but somehow I don’t think I’ve been doing it as regularly as you have. I also love lolling on the sofa dunking biscuits in my tea.

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