Ta-Dah! More Crochet!

It’s taken me the whole of January, but I’ve finished my crochet cowl – just as the weather has warmed up!  Although it’s still raining – shame I didn’t make a waterproof version!


It was very easy to pick up without having to think about what I was doing once I got used to the puff stitch pattern, although I did get a bit bored of the repetitiveness (is that even a word?) towards the end, but I’m glad I persevered as I’m delighted with the final result.

IMG_9408And what’s even better is that the wool cost me the grand total of £1.50 from a car boot sale.  And there’s enough left to make another one!!


I’ve already started my next project which is going to be a throw for the sofa, with a bit of a 70s vibe.


8 thoughts on “Ta-Dah! More Crochet!

  1. Had a conversation this week with a friend about how you can’t have too many scarves, ditto cowls. I love them, wearing and making. Yours is lovely, even though the snow has gone you will wear it lots.

    • Thank you. I went on a course last autumn run by a local wool shop to learn the basics (two hours each week for four weeks) and have been continuing to learn from you tube/crochet blogs/pinterest/books ever since. I could never get into knitting but I feel as though I’ve found a craft activity I really love with crochet.

  2. Lovely cowl Caroline, very impressive too (puff stitch) and all for £1.50. I went to a Knit and Natter session today with my crochet as I’m very much a self taught novice and knew I didn’t have the hang of a couple of techniques. Have now done two granny squares and hoping to do a throw for the spare bedroom, all supposing I don’t get fed up with the repetition. Chazza’s and boot sale’s can be a great source for wool.

  3. It looks great! Gorgeous colour and love the puff stitch. I’m a recent crochet convert (via Crochet Cabana on YouTube – can’t begin to tell you how many times I had to watch the tutorial…) I’ve not ventured away from granny squares yet as I’m making a blanket. Sort of wishing now I’d started with something smaller! x

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