This Week So Far


Despite a vague mention by the weather man of some possible snow, we awoke once again to frost, instead, which was disappointing.  Not a single flake here yet – William is most put out.

Training debacle took care of the morning.

After a brief break for lunch, along with a catch-up of last week’s One Born Every Minute (anybody else getting a bit bored with that show?  I don’t love it as much any more as I did the first couple of series), the rest of the afternoon was spent doing housework, ironing and school pick up.

Excitement of the day was the arrival from Amazon of William’s new Microsoft Surface (Christmas and birthday present combined, after the Kindle Fire HD we gave him for Christmas was returned as it glitched so much it was unusable).   I’m a confirmed Apple/Mac girl myself, but Will seems delighted with the Surface so far, and it does look like a fab bit of kit.  Not that I’ve been allowed to touch it yet, obviously!

Is now 8.45 pm and am off to have a shower and thence to bed, as it’s so damn cold, with my book and last week’s local paper, which I haven’t yet managed to read!



Another morning, another training course at the hospital.  Fewer people turned up today, I guess due to the inclement weather (lots of hail and slush on the roads causing major chaos – glad I use the back roads and have a 4WD).

Was distraught to discover that my hairdresser has closed down, when I stopped off on my way home to make an appointment.  It took me ages to find somebody who could cut AND colour to my satisfaction for a price that didn’t require me to remortgage my house.  Now I have to start all over again.

Arrived home to discover my new super-duper wireless router had arrived in the post, and Tim (my go-to computer guy) very kindly popped round straight away to configure it for me.  Fingers crossed that the wireless connection throughout the house improves.

Phone call from Will at 2.30 pm to tell me that school is closing early due to the weather.  Eh?  It’s raining,  it’s 4 degrees and no sign of snow.  Very odd.  Maybe they know something we don’t.  Although, at the time of writing (6.30 pm) still raining and no sign of snow.



A forced day at home, as Ashley used my car as the roads were slushy and icy, and the Met Office (incorrectly, once again) forecast snow.  I mostly spent the day cooking, crocheting, reading and catching up with my Sky Plus.



Went into town this morning – picked up a couple of books from the library that were waiting for me; bought a couple of birthday cards; had a wander around a few charity shops and picked up a rather nice White Stuff linen kaftan for £2.50, a brand new cross stitch kit for £2.00, and a couple of books.  Also purchased wool for my next crochet project – a blanket.

The NHS job debacle rumbles on – this afternoon I received an email from Personnel saying that I couldn’t be booked onto IT training course number 3, as the Training Department had advised them that I hadn’t attended the first two.  I pointed out that I have a timesheet signed by the Training Department confirming that I was indeed there, and could also offer copies of my pay and display parking tickets for the hospital car park if they still didn’t believe me.  Honestly, you couldn’t make it up.



Had a mini wardrobe sort out in the morning – sorted out clothes and shoes I don’t wear/like any more and separated into eBay/charity shop/bin.  Only managed to do shoes and one drawer of jumpers and cardigans before becoming bored.

Also did some photo sorting on the computer – am trying to sort out all my digital pics that I moved over from my old computer into coherent files on iPhoto, and also catch up on my backing up onto discs/memory stick.  Got quite a chunk of this done.

Weather was bloody awful – rained all day and SO dark.  Had to have the lights on all day.  Drains me of any enthusiasm and energy I start the day with by about lunchtime.

We rounded the working week off with a night out with friends and kids in Wetherspoons – cheap, cheerful and fun.  Bring on the weekend!








7 thoughts on “This Week So Far

  1. So no snow all week? Bee has had her surface for a few months and loves it.
    Believe it or not I really miss those dreary days you describe from Friday.
    There is freaky weather all over the place. We are in the mountains where they are down on snow. Only 60% of their norm according to ski website…
    Your NHS tales are so bad, they’re good (if that makes sense). Does it bode well for them actually having the gumption to pay you correctly in the future?

  2. Cannot believe the NHS personnel – what a waste of time.

    When you find a new hairdresser let me know as my friend is desperate to find a new one. Again as you said one that doesn´t cost an arm and a leg.

  3. This bad weather has led to a lot of sorting out in our house too. One good thing about it I suppose.
    Looking forward to seeing your new project when it gets underway.
    Lisa x

  4. I am going right off one born too, no idea why? how odd. Are you following call the midwife? We got 3 kindle fires in the family this christmas and they are fab you must have got an unlucky one. goodluck with the nhs 😦 what a mess about and what is it about not believing you. hate that how rude, surely they don’t expect you to do it again? hope that teacher didn’t mark it down on purpose 😦

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