A Rainy Weekend in Sherborne

Despite the Daily Mail’s scaremongering predictions that this weekend was going to see the entire country blanketed in thick snow, all we saw in the West Country on Saturday was torrential rain, and on Sunday a very light frost and whole day of LOVELY sunshine.

We spent the weekend in Sherborne, a lovely Dorset town, staying at this hotel.


I got an amazing deal on Travelzoo a while before Christmas, and paid £120 for the night, which include bed, breakfast and a seven course tasting menu for dinner.  I even pushed the boat out and paid an extra £10 to upgrade to a superior room!  Well, it was Ashley’s birthday present!

Despite the torrential rain not letting up for the whole of Saturday, we found a cosy pub for a light lunch in the town centre, and then had a wander round some of the shops, with frequent stops in several other pubs to dry out and have some more ‘refreshments’!  I would have liked to explore the town further, but sadly the weather just wasn’t playing ball, so at about 3.30 pm, we gave up and headed back to the hotel for an afternoon snooze.

Dinner was fantastic (along with accompanying wines, of course), so good that I’ve scanned the menu below, if you’re interested in what we had to eat.  I must admit to totally failing to take even a single photograph the whole weekend, so there’s no pretty pics to share with you, I’m afraid.  I was obviously far too busy having a good time!



By the end of this, we were fit to explode and rolled happily off to bed for a good night’s rest.

It was lovely to wake up to bright sunshine on Sunday morning, and eat a leisurely breakfast accompanied by the Sunday papers, before heading back home.

Just the tonic I needed to brighten up dull old January.


4 thoughts on “A Rainy Weekend in Sherborne

  1. Belated happy birthday wishes to Ashley, looks like you chose a real star of a hotel there.
    Glad it was all so enjoyable, apart from the rain.
    Lisa x

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