Bring Me Sunshine

It always happens, doesn’t it?

We start the New Year with buckets of enthusiasm and plans and within a week or so, the dark mornings, short days and cold, damp miserable weather have sucked the life out of us, and we’re reminded why January and February are the most horrible months of the year.

Anyway, it’s no secret that I loathe the winter, particularly the endless weeks of cloud and drizzle we’ve had recently.  I don’t mind so much when it’s frosty and sunny and NOT BLOODY RAINING, but this damp dull crap makes it even worse in my opinion.

So, what to do to counteract all this winter misery?

Dr Caroline’s prescription is making plans and having lots of fun things to look forward to.  Oh, and not beating myself up about spending the day sitting on the sofa with a mug of tea and a blanket, catching up with my Sky Planner and reading, when it’s tipping down and dark outside.

Which is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last few hours – I just didn’t fancy the jaunt around the charity shops I had planned in this weather.

So, making plans … January always seems a good month to start filling up the year’s diary, getting holidays booked to look forward to, perhaps a weekend break or two; making plans to catch up with friends I haven’t seen for a while, just generally making sure there is good stuff coming up to think about.

And there is … lots of it.

We’ve already got holidays booked to Cyprus in July, and the Maldives in October; Ashley and I each gave the other a night away in a hotel for Christmas (mine’s this Saturday in Sherborne, his is near Bath in March); we’ve arranged a weekend away in May, probably to London, with good friends; a curry night and catch up soon with friends we’ve not seen for ages; a weekend with family in Lyme Regis in April; a theatre trip planned for next month with a friend … And next week, one of my favourite jaunts of the year, my annual shopping trip to London with my Mum – so looking forward to this.

And as the diary fills up with exciting things to look forward to, the dreariness of the world outside my window recedes, and I feel excited about life again.

What do you do to banish the winter blues?


13 thoughts on “Bring Me Sunshine

  1. Your year sounds full of good things so enjoy. Won´t rub the fact in that I had lunch outside in the sun and promptly fell asleep in it. Glorious weather here in the Costa del Luz!

  2. I agree its such a miserable time of year. If I can’t potter in the garden the sofa and telly have me hooked too but I am knitting while watching, which makes me feel slightly better. Take it easy, spring is round the corner.

  3. Always good to have exciting things to look forward to and you have got a fair few already sorted.
    Good luck with the new job,hope it does prove to be interesting.
    I have seen recipes for chocolate and beetroot and wondered what they were like, glad they got the thumbs up!
    Lisa x

  4. God, it’s bloody dismal isn’t it ? Haven’t made any plans for holidays but have made a list of friends to catch up with and made plans to see two of them this month. Have also tackled a few overdue domestic jobs thanks to your post on it.

  5. Oh I agree that January and February are quite miserable. I love snuggling on the sofa under my blanket with a good book and never feel guilty about doing it. I have a new business and am looking forward to my first even in May which is a vintage craft fair. We are also putting the house on the market around June and moving to Lichfield which is not far from where John works. So we will be house hunting. We are away for a long weekend in march for our Wedding Anniversary , not sure about a summer holiday it depends on where we are with the move x Enjoy your trip to London

  6. I saw cirque de soliel yesterday, if you can get tickets they are at the albert hall. I love seeing them. It is a lot smaller than when I have seen them in Canada, but still amazing.

    It was crazy busy.

    I love to look at holidays for the coming summer. I am not sure if we will go anywhere else as we have already booked a huge one for this year. And after that I don’t think we will be able to. As I want to move house. so I am focusing on what my new homes décor could be! Exciting stuff.

    and the Maldives? Wow can I come with you? I could carry your hand bag…

    • Oooh, where are you off to on your huge holiday? Sounds intriguing. Saw Cirque du Soleil at Albert Hall a few years ago, although I quite enjoyed it, not enough to see them again. Was very impressed with Albert Hall though, never having been there before.

      • I never minded January – for me it is the change of the year and one can expect to see spring flowers starting to blossom, first the snowdrops then the crocuses. I also countdown from 1st January – 8 weeks to Spring because for me Spring starts on 1st March. 30th February sounds cold but 1st March sounds Springlike! Also the days are getting longer. It is November I hate.

      • Cirque is different in Canada and Vegas. The stages are 3-4 times the size and they done have as much fill in clowning, as the sets don’t need moving so much. it is bigger.

        We are going to Thailand, laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and then back to Thailand for a week to get over it. Gone for 6 weeks all in all. CANT WAIT. Work aren’t pleased but hey, theres a big old world out there and it would be rude to not see as much of it as I can,

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