When Is Your Photo Not Your Photo?

It came to my attention this morning that a holiday resort that we stayed at last year had taken a photograph from my blog, of William and my niece and nephew, and used it on their own website for promotional purposes.


They also posted the photograph on Facebook along with a link to the article.


I have absolutely no problem with them linking from their website to my blog post (I’d tagged it with the name of the resort, so it was freely available to be seen by anybody doing the most rudimentary internet search), but to just take and use my photograph without asking really made me cross (even more so because the photo was of the children).  If they’d contacted me in advance and asked, I’d probably have agreed that they could use it on their website, but certainly not on Facebook.


Luckily, it was brought to my attention pretty quickly, and the resort took down the photographs and apologized, after I pointed out to them it wasn’t theirs to use.  However, I know this isn’t the first time they’ve done exactly that, because they did the same to my sister-in-law a few months ago.  How many more people are having their personal photos effectively stolen and used for financial gain by this organization?


I’m not naïve enough to imagine that when you put photos on the internet, they are not freely available for anybody to take and do what they wish with, but such a blatant disregard for personal privacy without even thinking asking if it’s OK really annoyed me.


Has anybody else had a similar experience?  Would you be cross if the same happened to you?  Would be interested in other bloggers’ takes on this.


6 thoughts on “When Is Your Photo Not Your Photo?

  1. I’m not aware of this happening to me, but I suppose it could have and I just haven’t found out about it yet. I think some people may innocently (although they should always credit it) copy a photo for their own blog, but for a business to do it is quite amazing really. I would be very cross if that had happened to me. You could have charged them for use of the photo, I believe, because it’s your property.

  2. Copyright infringements are outrageous. I found that a recording made by my mother and stepfather in the 1970s had been put on CD and was being sold in the US. I wrote complaining that the copyright belonged to me and my sister but got no reply. I still haven’t taken it any further.

    Slow typing here as I broke my wrist just after Christmas. No posts from me for a while.

  3. I think I would point it out to them for sure. I found a pic of our whole family round the pool of the apartments we stay at every summer but that was on an apartment website and I reckon the owner just took a pic of the pool we happened to be laying round at the time!

  4. Had a photo of my dog ( a very nice show dog) lifted from my site and used to decorate some other breeders website. They took it down.
    Worst was when someone was advertising their dogs and pups using my affix (which I pay the KC for every year) and reputation. The stealing of my reputation was worse, 20 years hard work and money put into it and they pretend they are me in order to sell their unregusterd puppies and then I’d be blamed if anything went wrong!

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