November Movies

1.    Perfect Sense  


This film, about a worldwide plague whereby people lose their five senses one by one, is mesmerising.  And absolutely chilling.  Ewan McGregor and Eva Green are both brilliant in it, and it stayed with me for a long time after I’d watched it.  Not a light, enjoyable film, but one I’d recommend nevertheless.

 2.    Secretariat


Disney film, based on a true story about a racehorse who overcame amazing odds to become a champion.  Loved it.

 3.    Monte Carlo


Watchable teenage-girly trash, starring Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester.  Quite fun if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing.


4.    Frost/Nixon


I’m not a massive fan of American politics, but I really enjoyed this film.  The acting, of course, was sublime, particularly by the two leads, and the storyline kept me engaged all the way through, despite knowing how it would end.

 5.    The Vow


Schmaltzy memory-loss/car accident/love story.  Bit too saccharine for me, this one, though if I’d been in a different mood, I may have enjoyed it more.


Movie of the month?  Perfect Sense.

What films have you enjoyed lately?



3 thoughts on “November Movies

  1. I remember really liking Frost Nixon. And Secretariat was cute too. We have been catching up on Homeland (well from scratch really) this month but I have loved the 3 movies I have seen at the cinema: Skyfall, Flight (has Denzel Washington ever made a bad film?) and Silver Linings Playbook. I was looking what I could go and see this week in fact but there is a bit of a lull in what has been released here at the moment – although some good things coming out towards Christmas!

  2. I recently watched ‘War Bride’ (via Netflix) on your recommendation, and really enjoyed it. I’ve seen some pretty awful ones at the theater, but finally broke through with a good one when we went to see ‘Lincoln’ this weekend. I want to see ‘Hitchcock,’ but it’s not at a nearby theater yet.

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