Sunday Car Booty

Cold this morning.  And icy.  The weather man said it wasn’t going to freeze last night down here.  Wrong.

Lots of people selling lots of kids toys this morning.  In anticipation of the Christmas influx of more of the same, no doubt.

I didn’t hang around long (a hot cup of tea and bacon sarnie in the warm being far preferable to mooching about a freezing, muddy field sorting through other people’s unwanted possessions), but it was long enough to fill two carrier bags with bargainous purchases.


  Annabel Karmel book £1.50, Next leather sandals £1


 Monsoon boy’s velvet jacket, brand new with tags, £1


 Timberland baby girl giftset £1


 Trivial Pursuit TV Edition £1.50, Talking Bagpuss brand new with tags, £1.50


 3 pairs heels – £1.50 and £2 per pair.  Am rather liking the leopard ones myself – and they’re my size, too!


Clarks bronze heels (brand new) and Pavers wedges, £1 each

A quiet Sunday here, no plans at all.  What are you doing?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. I don’t know how you do it! There’s no way I could drag my butt out of a nice warm bed this time of year to go booting.

    Love the boy’s jacket, it’s adorable. Will make some lil fella a great Christmas day outfit.

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