Celeb Fashion – Hits & Misses

Time for another delve into celeb-land and have a look at who’s wearing what.

Myleene Klass looked amazingly stylish in this black winter dress last week, I thought …


Love the fur collar, lace  handbag and opaque tights.  I’m just a little bit over giant platforms now, though – these ones Myleene is wearing are a bit clumpy, I think.  She’s looking pretty good for somebody whose husband left her very publicly a few months back – good on you, Myleene!

Stella McCartney, on the other hand, wasn’t looking quite so fabulous when opening her new boutique in Barcelona recently …

She seems to be wearing an ill-fitting pair of pyjamas.  Not a good look for one of the world’s most prominent fashion designers – just horrid!  Apparently she designed it herself.  On a positive note, though, I love yellow.




4 thoughts on “Celeb Fashion – Hits & Misses

  1. I like the fact little boobs are becoming fashionable. I noticed the new Ms. Moneypenny in Skyfall is very natural and did not feel the need to change her body. I like that. Just a thought after seeing these two pics…I know you are talking about clothes. Leave it to a man to bring boobs into it…

  2. Yuk yuk yuk. Stella looks like a man wearing a shell suit, trousers pulled down on hips, altogether a very unflattering outfit. Mylene on the other hand looks effortlessly stylish and elegant, the shoes however are a bad choice. Think she is doing a ‘Diana’, (remember when Lady Di appeared in that fantastic black strapless dress shortly after Charles & Camilla went public)

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