Mistaken Identity?

A school mum friend of mine, let’s call her Rachel, recently had a text message from another of the school mums (who we’ll call Clare), inviting her on an evening out to celebrate her 40th birthday.  Nothing strange in that, you might think, except that Clare hasn’t spoken to Rachel for several months, has unfriended her on Facebook and has actively avoided any contact with her at all, subsequent to Rachel’s request that Clare’s child stop knocking on her front door and running away.

So Rachel was more than a little surprised when she received this text invitation.

Her husband and I were both convinced that Clare had sent the text to the wrong person (particularly as she has a close friend, also called Rachel), and Rachel eventually replied to the text thanking her for the invitation, saying she was a bit surprised to have received it and was it definitely meant for her?

Five hours later (a telling timelapse, methinks), the reply came back that yes, it was indeed meant for Rachel.  What else could she say?  No, I sent it to the wrong person?  Awkward.  Anyway, Rachel politely declined.  (Clare and her mates are not a bunch of girls whose idea of a good night out necessarily coincides with Rachel’s (or indeed mine): we don’t feel the need to go out dressed like Katie Price and exchange phone numbers with other men, while our husbands stay at home and look after the kids.  But that’s a whole other blog post.)

Anyway, we all remained absolutely certain that the text was sent to the wrong Rachel.

And it’s so easy to do, isn’t it?  Send a text to the wrong person, I mean.  Or an email.

I was texting back and forth the other night with a friend about I’m A Celeb, which was on TV at the time.  During our text conversation, I received and replied to another text from a different friend.  Then I managed to send another text about I’m a Celeb to the second friend, rather than the first.  Easily done, and no problem, as it was totally innocuous.

Though sometimes it can all be horribly embarrassing.

Several years ago, I was working in a big, open plan office with a bunch of girls (mostly younger than me), and it was quite bitchy.  I knew perfectly well that a couple of them used to fire emails back and forth between them about me, due to the giggling and sly looks that went on constantly.  Anyway, one day, one of them sent an email about me, to me by mistake.

I can’t even remember what it said now, but it was bloody funny to watch her total embarrassment at the time.  Luckily I have a fairly thick skin and couldn’t have cared less what she or her silly friend thought about me, but I really enjoyed watching them squirming for the rest of the day!



5 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity?

  1. That is more than awkward. Like you say – easily done. A friend of mine texted me this year with hotel prices and asked what I thought… I texted her back saying was it meant for me – of course it wasn’t – it was for her husband.
    And just the other week I sent a few texts to someone – well I thought it was my daughter…. the replies (YES MULTIPLE) came back with ‘Jose’ on the end and I thought she was just being funny in a ‘no way Jose’ type way. I am embarrassed to say that it was several DAYS before I realised it wasn’t her – but at least it was a complete stranger….
    And don’t even get me started on a wrong email….

  2. I still laugh about the text your brother sent me slagging off our neighbour for copying our lights in her lounge – except he sent it to her!! He had a very big hole to climb out of but after a cleverly worded follow up text and a conversation that was pre-scripted the next day – he somehow managed it!

  3. Once when building a house on our property, we had to do a series of property closings each time we finished a phase of the process. I told our loan officer, Dana, that I would rather use a different title company than the one she had scheduled us with, specifically because I had an issue with the closing agent, Donna, being rude to me repeatedly. Dana said it would cause delays and possibly change our interest rate if we changed at that point, so we went through with it as scheduled. Low and behold, said closing agent was totally unprofessional talking about her hair dresser the entire time we were trying to concentrate on reading the contracts. After having my fill, I asked her to please let us have some quiet time to read. She kept quiet for about 45 seconds before starting in again. I stood up and proclaimed that I needed a drink of water, and walked down the hall, out the door, and around the block to cool off before finally returning to finish with the closing.

    Back at work that afternoon my phone rings. It was Dana the loan officer apologizing if she had played any part in my unhappy experience during the closing. I explained that it wasn’t her fault, I had had prior issues with Donna being rude and unprofessional, and this was just another episode, and that when we closed on the next property, I insisted we use a different title company, because Donna’s apparently not very bright if she doesn’t catch on after someone comes right out and tells her to be quiet, and besides I just don’t like her!. Yes, you guessed it. After a short silence, the voice on the other end of the phone says, ‘This IS Donna.’ OMG, I could have SWORN it was the loan officer I had been talking to! What could I do? After a deep breath, I just came out and told this person that I didn’t care for how she conducted business and wouldn’t be using her company again.

    We lived in such a small town, and I was absolutely mortified. When I told my boss about the conversation and mistaken identity, he said, ‘Oh, Kathleen. Just go home, get in a nice warm bath, and slit your wrists.’ LOL It still makes me cringe.

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