The ‘C’ Word

Although the signs have been there for MONTHS now –  festive catalogues have been pouring through my letterbox since mid-August,  Sainsburys had a display of mince pies in early September, and I even spied a Christmas tree in Barbados Airport in mid-October – I have held off even thinking about Christmas until now.

I used to love Christmas and all its attendant organisation and festivities, but somehow over the last few years, it’s become more and more of a chore and less and less enjoyable.  I just find the whole thing a bit of an effort, and to be perfectly honest, I’d far rather spend it on a sun-drenched beach sipping a pina colada or three than at home opening presents and eating turkey.

I don’t know what’s made me feel like this – there’s been no family fallings out over anything Christmas-related, I’m lucky enough not to have to worry too much about how much it’s all costing, I’m very organised about all the shopping and wrapping and posting, and I don’t even have to cook Christmas dinner, as Ashley does it.

Anyway, the going-away-to-a-hot-exotic-location-and-ignoring-Christmas option has been vetoed by the entire family, so I guess it’s inevitable that 25th December will be upon us towards the end of next month, so I’d better start doing something about it.

I’ve been madly Christmas shopping all week – mostly online.  So much so that my credit card company rang me on Wednesday to check that my card hadn’t been stolen as there had been so many transactions this week!!  I plan to have all my presents bought by the middle of next week.  There’s far too much present buying goes on at Christmas, I think.  A friend of mine suddenly started giving us a Christmas present about five years ago, so of course, we felt we  had to reciprocate.  Last month, she suggested we stop this year, and would I mind?  Great idea, I immediately said.  (One less gift to think of, wrap and buy – hooray).  I suggested to my brother and his wife that we don’t bother with presents for each other, just buy for the kids – they were more than happy to go along with it.  Another two less to worry about.   So the whole present thing is looking a lot less like hard work already.

Then I’ll have to wrap them all.  I hate wrapping.  I used to love it, and spent hours matching paper, ribbon and decorations and writing out gift tags.  I think because I spend all year wrapping eBay parcels, the enjoyment of wrapping has eroded somewhat over the last decade.  So this year wrapping will be quick and minimal.  Ribbons begone!

Oh God, and then there’s the food shop ….  I HATE the food shop.  I know, I’ll make Ashley do it.  Excellent, that’s sorted then.

I’m sure it’ll all be fun in the end.  But I’d still secretly prefer the beach/pina colada option.

How do you feel about Christmas?  Love it or loathe it?


10 thoughts on “The ‘C’ Word

  1. I am with you on this but since i have got grand children it has become much better. I found it terribly depressing once i lost my parents and then the family seemed to get smaller and smaller. Also Christmas used to mean at least to days but now Christmas eve all the shops are preparing for.the.sales and by it is finished. Now don’t get me started on new year!

  2. I also used to love wrapping presents but hate it now! I get the girls to do it! I try to be organised and do enjoy it. We have talked about it but for me it wouldn’t feel right going away for christmas although I do get fed up of doing all the cooking every single year since I was about 20 x

  3. I didn’t mind it until we decided to take ourselves off to India one year. The Goans are mainly Christian and celebrate the birth of Christ, they attend church and invite strangers into their homes to share food, no gifts, no debt, just the true meaning of a religious festival. After seeing how it should be done the crass advertising, overspending and stress makes me sick. x

  4. I like Christmas, but only in December!! I hate the fact that many shops are decorated, and the town centre decorations are up and lights on. It is FAR FAR tooooo early!
    I am impressed with your shopping, though. How do you come up with your ideas? I am stumped for my family.

  5. Like Elaine I am stumped for ideas this year,I will start the shopping when i get some inspiration but this is seriously lacking.
    I am very impressed you are so organized.I love wrapping,glass of wine a few treats and a good film on the TV sounds like a nice evening or two.

  6. I enjoy the run-up, love all the carols and decorations, but find the actual event incredibly stressful until Christmas dinner is over. I’ve only once in nearly forty years NOT been the one to cook Christmas dinner. I told my daughter last year that next time I would not be making my own cake, mince pies etc. and she’d just have to put up with it. She said, ‘Oh yeah, right’, disbelievingly. She thinks I’ll give in. I’m determined not to!

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