Worry Worry

I’ve always been a worrier but since becoming a parent, my worry level has increased 1,000-fold.  Normal, I guess …

But I’ve just had a sleepless night full of visions of you-don’t-even-want-me-to-go there scenarios.

Will has had a ‘stiff neck’ for several weeks now.  I first noticed that he was moving his head from side to side oddly a while back and asked him what was going on with it.  He said it just felt stiff.

I put it down to the ridiculously heavy school rucksacks the kids carry round all day (over 30 lbs some days), and hoped that the stiff neck would improve while we were on holiday for a fortnight.  Unfortunately, it didn’t improve, and I wondered if it was due to constantly looking down at the iPhone screen, so I told him to hold it up in front of him rather than look down.

Anyway, when I picked him up from school last night, he was in agony with his neck and said it had felt really bad since morning break.  I phoned the doctor and got an emergency appointment, which Ashley took him to at 5.40 last night (the surgery is opposite Ashley’s office, conveniently).

The doctor checked him over, said the problem was muscular, to rest it for a couple of days and take some Ibuprofen if necessary.  She said there was a ‘strong possibility’ that it’s been caused by the school bag.

While the doctor was checking Will over, however, she noticed that one of his pupils was larger than the other, and said that it is extremely unusual.  She recommended taking Will to the optician and if they don’t find anything to ring her back and she would refer him to a specialist.

Now I’ve watched enough medical TV programmes to know that oddly sized pupils can point firmly in the direction of neurological problems, and when Will and Ashley arrived home from the Doctor’s and told me what she’d said, being me, I immediately googled it to confirm my thoughts.

I wish I hadn’t.

I have now spent a sleepless night worrying myself insensible and checking William to ensure he’s still breathing every couple of hours.  I actually feel physically sick this morning.

I’m having to wait in this morning for a man to mend the dishwasher, so Ashley’s dropping Will into school and going to speak to his form teacher about the heavy bag/neck situation, then rushing off to the opticians when it opens to try and get an urgent appointment to have the pupil looked at.

Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious.


16 thoughts on “Worry Worry

  1. Best of luck to Will particularly with the opticians – google is responsible for lots of parents sleepless nights – I have been there!

    Sending you positive thoughts, and get better vibes for “your little man!”

  2. It doesn’t matter what age your child is whether ten or.thirty you Will always worry . It’s called being a Mum. I do hope your fear.are groundless bit you are right to get him checked out.

  3. Hope everything turns out well for Will. It’s horrible when there’s something worrying like that hanging over your family. I’ve done the Googling thing re: illnesses and really wished I hadn’t, too.

  4. My husband has the pupil thing! I forced him into the optometrist having diagnosed him with probably all the scary stuff you looked at on the internet and it’s just some wierd thing that some people have. It has a name, I can’t remember it, but it’s just one of those things…
    Hopefully it’s the same with your son. Fingers crossed!
    It’s insane, the huge heavy bags the kids have to carry. Could you get a wheelie case? I see a lot of college students with those…

  5. I do hope all is ok with William, Google ! I have done it myself and scared myself silly but I suppose we just can’t help ourselves and Caroline we never stop worrying !

  6. Thinking of of you all, and hoping for resolution to ease your worries soon.

    I’m one of those people who has differeing pupils without any underlying problems. Here’s hoping that Will is one of us too. Smart to get it checked out.

    xo kathleen

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