Friday 5: Great iPhone Apps



Friday so soon – I’ve been a day behind all week, but I’m mighty glad it’s the weekend tomorrow.  I can’t wait for a lie-in tomorrow morning!

I do love my iPhone (and iPad, and iMac …), and these are some of my favourite Apps – not necessarily the ones I use on a daily basis – yes, I’m talking to you, Facebook, but perhaps some of the less obvious ones.

1.   TED Talks



I have this on both iPhone and iPad.  Basically, it’s a series of lectures on a huge variety of subjects, from 3 minutes to 30 minutes long.  I’ve learnt all sorts of interesting things from TED, and been totally inspired by some of the people, too.  Well worth getting into if you haven’t already.



2.   Blind Lemon

Blind Lemon is a brilliant little app that uses your current location and gives you a list of charity and/or vintage shops close by, with map view as well.  Sadly, it appears not to be available on the App Store any more, but I’ve used it to seek out chazza’s in many places I’m not familiar with and found it very useful indeed.

3.   Shazam

This was one of the first apps I ever downloaded when I got my first iPhone.  You know when you hear a song on the radio and either a) you really like it and want to know what it is or b) can’t remember who sung it/what it’s called and it’s really bugging you?  Well, you open the Shazam app, point the iPhone at the radio/TV/whatever’s playing the song, it will listen for a few seconds, and then tell you the name of the song and the artists.  Pure brilliance.  Love it.

4.   Flixster


Everything I need to know about movies in one place: what’s on at my local cinema, what’s being released this month, reviews, ratings, etc etc.  Use it all the time.

5.   Instagram

I’ve waxed lyrical about Instagram on here so much that I’m sure I’ve bored all my readers half to death with it, so I won’t go on and on.  Suffice to say, it’s one of my favourites!

Are you an iPhone owner?  If so, what are your favourite apps?  I always welcome a recommendation.




4 thoughts on “Friday 5: Great iPhone Apps

  1. My phone is a dinosaur and doesn’t do anything but phone and text. I am a technophobe and worry that my brain might explode if I try a phone with internet, cameras and apps and the only thing I know about instagram is that it’s something to do with photos. I think I was the last person in the UK to get a mobile phone. It’s kind of hilarious that I manage to blog!

  2. Nope – not got an iPhone but daughter does. And I am such a klutz with it that I don’t think we’ve got a future together with it…….
    She loves the drawing app where you get a word and have to draw it for a friend to guess. I must admit that is quite addictive.

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