Catching Up

Whilst I’d obviously still love to be lying by a pool with a book, being waited on hand and foot, there are pluses to being back at home, not least of which is the joy of drying my hair straight and it remaining so for more than 10 minutes!  That whole holiday hair thing drives me nuts.

I am working my way through the laundry and ironing pile, I’ve done a big supermarket shop and made a meal plan for the rest of the week, and deleted caught up on the 500+ emails which were awaiting me in my inbox.  I’m about to tackle a large pile of post (mostly junk, no doubt).

I secretly rather like the onset of winter – it always seems to be far more wintery when we come home after our annual October holiday than it was when we went away.  Definitely time for boots and jumpers, now, I think.  And any excuse to hunker down indoors with lots of crap TV and hot cups of tea works for me!  I have loads of recorded TV to catch up on, and as it’s pouring with rain today, I’ve designated it as a good day to do exactly that.

Cannot understand this whole Hallowe’en nonsense – when I was a child it was hardly even mentioned, these days it seems like yet another excuse for supermarkets to flog loads of plastic crap that will end up in landfill in a week’s time.  Honestly, do we really need to make such a big production out of it?  I’m afraid that anybody who knocks on my door saying ‘trick or treat’ will be out of luck tonight unless they’d like an apple from the garden!  Hallowe’en Humbug, here!

Right, off to put the kettle on and catch up with the Downton clan!




7 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Welcome back!! It is always lovely to be home in a way but the mail to go through and laundry etc normally beings me down to earth with a thump – and I need to crack on with the ironing as you remind me!!!
    Halloween is a big deal here and always has since we have lived here. Some people boycott it but hardly any……my kids have a parade at school even in costume!!
    I have candy in for trick or treaters but some kids don’t dress up and just hold out a pillowcase for sweets!! There is a famous sports star who lived in our neighbourhood so a lot of kids come here as he gives out big candies and plus they sometimes see him……
    Halloween is normally a big turn in the weather for us – like someone flicks a switch and winter starts – but it is set to be 60s here tomorrow on!!!

  2. Welcome back! Hallowe’en is just money with menaces, they don’t even dress up here and it’s money or a brick through your window. I chose not to have kids, I refuse to subsidise someone else’s…bah humbug indeed! x

  3. Couldn’t agree more Caroline, I am sick and tired of how we seem to adopt all things American, why can’t we just embrace our own traditions more ? (sorry yanks! don’t mean to offend) I refuse to have any thing to do with it and find it a real shame that Bonfire night isn’t celebrated more. When was the last time you saw anyone doing ‘Penny for the Guy’ ? How much did that cost anybody ?

  4. I so agree about Halloween; just another commercial American import. Bonfire night is *our* autumn festival and I’m sorry to see it in decline. When we were children, we looked forward to it for ages.

  5. I love Hallowe’en and it was ours first before the Americans adopted it. It was the night in the year when you’d lay extra places at the dinner table for those who had died during the year. No more morbid than a funeral. Okay, the meaning has got a little lost along the way but we always celebrate it. Big time! We only trick or treat to people who put pumpkins out as we know lots of people don’t want to be bothered.

  6. Although we did do some Halloweeny things when I was a child (I remember playing games like bobbing for apples) I have been generally anti the whole trick-or-treat thing as an American import since I had kids of my own. Over the last couple of years I have changed my mind and now find it rather fun, Our local area seems to have adopted the rule of thumb that you only knock on doors if people have a pumpkin out – that way people who don’t want to join in don’t get bothered. My 14yo took my 6yo out last night and they had a ball despite grim weather. No intention if buying the plastic tat though! A pumpkin and a couple of bags of mini-packs of chocolate buttons was my limit.

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