Celeb Fashion – The Little Black Dress

That quintessential wardrobe staple, the LBD, is the subject of today’s Celeb Fashion post.

First of all, let’s take a look at Halle Berry …

I just love this dress, which accentuates Halle’s slim figure, and shows enough cleavage to make us aware it’s definitely an evening look rather than day-time, but not so much that she looks tarty.

Kelly Brook, on the other hand …

Now I’m usually a bit of a fan of Kelly’s style – she’s worn some lovely vintagey fifties type looks over the last year or so.  This, however, is just vile.  It looks cheap and tacky, and puts me in mind of the texture of a dustbin bag.  Don’t like the big 80s hairdo, either.  Sorry, Kelly.

Happy Saturday, everybody, whatever you’re doing this evening.  I’ve had a very busy day, full of housework, sorting my wardrobe and packing for my hols.  I’m now taking a break with a dry martini cocktail and planning Mexican chicken fajitas for a lazy dinner in front of the TV.





5 thoughts on “Celeb Fashion – The Little Black Dress

  1. I must admit that Ms Brook’s number looks more like she should be pulling a pint behind a bar maybe? If I don’t hear from you – have a brilliant holiday and let me know what reading you’re taking 🙂 And how many pairs of shoes……
    Any black dresses?

  2. Halle Berry looks gorgeous and if I may say so makes me feel a little bit better as she does have a tummy! Kelly Brookes looks ghastly.

  3. Like the first dress but looks a little tight and shows off a “belly” which she probably doesn’t really have but even if you have a little tummy it will show if the dress is pulled so tight over that area. The second dress is awful. What possessed her?

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