Reading & Watching

I’m constantly playing catch-up with my Sky Plus at the moment.  There seems to be so much good stuff on TV.

I’m really enjoying Road To Glory: British Cycling, which I’ve found fascinating despite not being a big sports fan.  The final episode is on later this week and will be reliving some of the London 2012 Olympics golden moments, which I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve also just finished watching Season 1 of The Killing, which I enjoyed but found a bit long, and my goodness, those subtitles are hard work after a while.  I normally like to do something else as well as watching TV, but with subtitles you really have to give it your full attention the whole time.

Reading-wise, I’ve been much slower than my normal 2 books a week pace recently, due to generally being busy, I think.  I finished The Ugly Sister by Jane Fallon earlier this week, which was a bit disappointing after her first three novels, which I really enjoyed.  I’ve got higher hopes for Only Time Will Tell, the first of a five-book saga from Jeffrey Archer.  Whatever one’s opinion of his political machinations and personal life, he does write a bloody good story, and I always find myself staying up reading far later than is good for me when I get into one of his books.

Have you read or watched anything good lately?



6 thoughts on “Reading & Watching

  1. I know what you mean about the first-series of ‘The Killing’ – waaaay too long for me. I gave up after a few episodes and only watched the last couple so that I could find out who’d dunnit (and, you know what, I’d guessed who it was anyway.) It nearly put me off watching the second series but that was much miuch better and nowhere near as long. Just looking forward to series 3 now, and the second series of ‘Borgen.’

    I’ve been enjoying a lot of the ITV dramas that have been on the past few weeks – especially ‘Mrs Biggs’, ‘Leaving’ and ‘The Bletchley Circle.’

    Are you still watching ‘Spooks’ on DVD?

    • Hi Elizabeth – I got to the end of series 5 of Spooks and haven’t yet started 6 – though it’s on my list. I’ve just caught up with the end of Leaving today – really enjoyed it. Also have the other two you mention recorded, looking forward to watching them. I also recorded the second season of The Killing when it was on recently, noticed it was shorter than the first, so will probably give it a go when I’ve got a bit more time to settle down and watch properly. I also guessed ‘whodunnit’ very early on!

  2. My neighbour is a Martina Cole fan and raves about her. She has lent me one of her books which I am enjoying so far although I struggle with some of the underworld slang. Very violent tho’.

  3. I’ve just finished two books by Sarah Rayner – One Moment, One Morning and The Two Week Wait – and enjoyed them both. They were easy reads, but stories that kept me interested. I’ve also read Jenny Eclair’s Life, Death and Vanilla Slices, which I really enjoyed too.
    I haven’t watched any of The Killing, but think maybe I’ve missed something so should make the effort and maybe get it on DVD.

  4. Well am I glad to see you back Caroline. Have missed your blogs.

    First the Jeffrey Archer is that the one set in Bristol? Will be very keen to know what you think of it, I used to enjoy his work but did go off it due to his “other interests” if it is good will get it. Life, Death and Vanilla Slices is super except for her use of apostrophes which really annoyed me.

    As for The Killing – loved everyone, it is due back on in October I believe. Do try Lilyhammer so funny and black. I don´t mind sub titles it makes you concentrate more.

    Leaving – started to watch but the lad annoyed me and the whole concept that she would be interested in a callow youth like that wasn´t believable in my book.

    Congratulations on the sale of Findon Manor – didn´t the lad do well!

    What´s next?

    Again good to hear from you.

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