Monday Morning Again

We had a lovely weekend away at Moonfleet Manor – really nice and relaxing!   I didn’t even miss out on the car boot sale yesterday morning, as the horrendous weather meant it was rained off anyway.

There couldn’t have been a more marked contrast between the weather on Saturday and Sunday – Saturday was sunny and warm enough for us to sit outside on the terrace and have lunch, and then on Sunday it was cold with heavy winds and poured all day.  Hmmm, a taste of things to come, I think.  I put the heating on when we got home yesterday, for the first time since, oooh, July!

We realised while were away that it is only THREE WEEKS until our holiday to St Vincent in the Caribbean.  I can’t believe it’s come round so quickly.  At the beginning of this month, I hoped to lose a stone in weight on my new no-alcohol, exercise and healthy eating regime before we go away, and although I’ve already lost 6.5 lbs, I think another 7.5 in three weeks might be pushing it a bit.  Particularly after the eating and drinking excesses of the weekend we’ve just had!

This week is shaping up to be super-busy, looking at my diary, though not with anything very exciting.

I’m enjoying my crochet course, but I must practise a bit before my next class – I haven’t had a chance to pick it up at all since last Thursday when we learnt to do basic granny squares, and if I don’t remind myself of how to do them soon, I’ll completely forget!

Other than that, I have masses of eBay listing to sort out, meetings and minutes for work, I need to deep clean the kitchen this week, various appointments, my wardrobe desperately needs decluttering, and trying to fit in walking, swimming, etc.  And that’s before I start on my two page must-get-done-before-we-go-on-holiday list.  Busy, busy!



5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Again

  1. We’re off on our hols in about 3 weeks too, and I am on my holiday diet although not losing as successfully as you are! Good luck you sound like you’ll be needing a holiday.

  2. Nothing like a long to do list to get you wandering around the internet as you put it off, or is that just me?!
    Well done on the weight loss.
    Hope you share your crochet creations with us.
    Lisa x

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