Celeb Fashion – Hits & Misses

Firstly, thanks so much to everybody who’s still reading.  My apologies for the upheaval, believe me, it breaks my heart to move from my original blog and change my name, but I just couldn’t see another alternative.  Whilst I don’t want to go into detail here, when there is a possibility that members of your family may be adversely affected, you have to take action.

Of course, I’m not naive enough to think changing my URL is foolproof, and it’s entirely possible that the people I don’t want to read are still out there, silently filtering through every word I’m writing.  If indeed you are, you’d do well to remember that old saying about eavesdroppers never hearing good of themselves.

And now I shall draw a line under the subject.  Literally.



Let’s move onto some celeb fashion – and this week it’s wedding dresses that have caught my eye.

TV presented and all-round nice chap Dermot O’Leary married his long-term girlfriend Dee last weekend, and this is the dress she chose for her big day:


I do love Dermot, but I’m afraid I don’t like your dress very much, Dee.  From the waist down it’s not too bad, although I’m on the fence as far as splits up the front of wedding frocks go.  It’s above the waist where it all goes wrong.  It looks to me as if she was a bit chilly so decided to bung on a lace top underneath her her dress.  It just doesn’t all …. gel together.  Without the lace underneath bit, it would look better I think.  I don’t like the choice of flowers, either – I think one shade of blue or the other would have made it a bit more tasteful, rather than putting both in.

Another recent bride was Peaches Geldof marrying the father of her baby, Thomas Cohen.  Please excuse the picture quality, as I’ve scanned these from my copy of Hello magazine.


Peaches apparently wore three wedding dresses throughout the course of the day, although this particular edition of Hello only features this one.  Despite the fact that Peaches and her sisters/bridesmaids have a selection of tattoos between them that a sailor would be proud of, and the fact that Bob apparently didn’t see fit to run a comb through his hair before escorting his daughter down the aisle, I thought Peaches’ dress was just lovely.  Elegant, classy and very feminine.  And don’t the happy couple look radiant?  Let’s hope this marriage lasts a bit longer than her previous one!

What do you think?  Do you agree with my choices?



15 thoughts on “Celeb Fashion – Hits & Misses

  1. I really dislike the bouquet. All one color would have been much classier. The split front and the lace sleeves are weird. You’re right – it looks like she put a lace top under the dress. I don’t care for Peaches’ dress. I can’t say why but I guess it’s just not my taste. That’s funny about her father’s hair. Yeah, it would have taken a minute to run a comb through it especially when you know how many photos are going to be taken of you.

  2. As a self-confessed wedding hater I can’t really say anything about either although Bob Geldof’s daughter and her man are gorgeous and totally rock and roll looking! How sad Paula Yates wasn’t there to see her, I loved her. x

  3. I don’t like the split in the wedding dress at all. Like the rest of it. Are the light blue flowers in the bouguet hydrangeas? I like the pale blue but not with the darker shade. Is that a bridesmaid over her shoulder? If so what is she wearing?!
    I like Peaches wedding dress and her head dress.
    Hope both couples have lots of lovely happy years together.
    Lisa x

  4. I’m not keen on Dermot and I’m less keen on his Mrs’ dress. There’s just too much going on all round, the weird top, the split up the front and the heavy brocade (?) trim around the hem. The flowers are awful, again too busy – a salmon coloured flower (can’t identify it) with blue hydrangea’s! However I think Peaches looks very pretty and love her dress and even more so her daisy head dress. Shame about Bob’s barnet and the groom’s, but at least she had the sense to cover up her tats.

  5. Totally agree with you about both dresses. I honestly don’t have anything good to say about Dee’s dress and I really don’t get the lace bit. Peaches looks beautiful and very much like her mother!

  6. Dee’s dress I really dislike. Peaches dress is divine LOVE LOVE LOVE. And after seeing her drunk and in a state in London many moons ago, she looks fabulous in these pics. Bravo!

  7. Totally agree. The bouquet looks false. It just goes to prove that money doesn´t give you taste. Peaches looks beautiful but Sir Bob shame on you.

  8. Who would have thought that she would die two years later. So sad. My thoughts continue to go out to her loved ones, especially Thomas, Astala and Phaedra.

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